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"The New Terminal in Kladno Offers an Efficient Solution for Logistics Between East and West," Says the Board of Directors of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL

&quote;The New Terminal in Kladno Offers an Efficient Solution for Logistics Between East and West,&quote; Says the Board of Directors of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL
photo: PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL / Public Domain/Zbigniew Prus
10 / 05 / 2024

RAILTARGET presents an exclusive interview with the new management of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL. Zbigniew Prus, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Michal Kubíček, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Jerzy Woszczyna, Member of the Board of Directors answered the editorial questions.

What are the main priorities of the Board of Directors?

As the Board of Directors, we have a key influence on the direction of the development of the PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group and its success. Our priority will be to exploit the synergies resulting from the close cooperation between the companies of the PKP CARGO Group, which is the national freight carrier in Poland and one of the largest freight logistics operators in Europe. Above all, we want to make the most of the synergies in the use of the PKP CARGO group's fleet of locomotives and wagons, which is one of the largest and most modern in the European Union. Last but not least, we would like to cooperate more and more with other Group companies in the area of mutual provision of operating personnel, especially drivers, or repair and maintenance of the rolling stock. Here, for example, it is necessary to mention PKP CARGOTABOR, with which we have been cooperating successfully for many years; it is a strong player on the market in this area and has a wealth of experience in car repair.

Synergies between companies in the PKP CARGO Group allow us to better use our resources, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. By sharing our fleet, technology, and information systems, we can better respond to demand and adapt our services more flexibly to changing market conditions. The exchange of knowledge and experience between Group companies leads to innovation and process improvement. This enables us to stay ahead of the technological curve and offer high-quality services that are in line with the latest trends in transport and logistics. As part of the PKP CARGO Group, we are dedicated to finding and realizing synergies between different divisions and subsidiaries. These synergies mainly concern the sharing of know-how, optimal use of resources, and coordination of marketing and business activities. We are working to enable all Group companies to better respond to market challenges and thus increase the Group's overall competitiveness.

Within one of the largest European carriers, we will strive to strengthen business relations and logistics services by increasing the efficiency of cooperation between Poland, the Czech Republic, and other EU countries. In this area, it is particularly important to monitor operational processes, optimize operations, and increase the use of rolling stock within the PKP CARGO Group.

Investing in the modernization of our fleet and infrastructure is also key for us, which will enable us to provide our services faster and more safely. We plan to expand our services to new routes and connections, especially in the regions of Southern and Southeastern Europe where we see potential for growth. As part of the PKP CARGO Group's ESG and sustainability strategy, we will focus more intensively on the environmental aspects of our operations, including reducing emissions and using energy more efficiently.

Where do you see the biggest growth opportunities for PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL?

The main advantage of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group is its nearly 75 years of experience in rail transport, unique know-how, and comprehensive logistics service solutions for customers. We are particularly strong in providing transport services for large industrial enterprises in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe, with an emphasis on the transport of heavy commodities - coal, steel, building materials, or products of the chemical and food industries. Due to the change in energy policy in Europe, we have increasingly focused in recent years on the development of intermodal transport and transport in the automotive segments, where we can offer our clients really fast, smart, and modern logistics services. Our great competitive advantage is also our own open intermodal terminal in Paskov, which our customers have been using with satisfaction since 2007.

It is thanks to the Paskov terminal, PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL's combined experience, and our subsidiaries in Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia that the PKP CARGO Group, by linking ports on the Baltic Sea with ports on the Adriatic, has the opportunity to become a leader in intermodal transport on the North-South route or transport in the whole of the Tri-Mediterranean region. Today we can confidently say that as a Group we are able to transport cargo from the Baltic to the Adriatic and back with one locomotive and our own drivers.

Are you preparing any new projects within your services?

It is no longer a secret that we are preparing a project for a new intermodal terminal in Kladno, which will be another part of the PKP CARGO Group's extensive network of terminals and transshipment facilities, and thanks to which we will strengthen our transport and logistics position in the Czech Republic. The opening of the intermodal terminal in Kladno should significantly benefit the efficiency and scope of our transport services, especially in the context of East-West transport. Kladno is close to Prague and is strategically located in the center of the Czech Republic, which is ideal for logistics operations to both Eastern and Western Europe. This location will facilitate faster and more efficient distribution of goods across Central Europe and strengthen trade links between the countries of this part of the EU.

The new terminal in Kladno represents an important step that will enhance our ability to respond effectively to the market needs for rail freight and logistics between Eastern and Western Europe. With the opening of the Kladno terminal and thanks to the existing transshipment points in Poland, such as Małaszewice, Medyka, Poznań-Franowo, or Sławkow, the PKP CARGO Group can increase its business activities and transport potential in the aforementioned East-West direction, especially in the area of transport with neighboring Germany.

The company's commercial and personnel policy is also important; are you planning any new developments in the current operations?

As the Board of Directors, we are of course obliged to constantly review the company's business policy and improve its strategy. The current financial results are promising, which shows the effectiveness of the current policy. However, there is always room for innovation and improvement. The current business policy is delivering positive results, but we cannot rest on our laurels. We plan to continue the activities that have contributed to our successes, such as effective cost management and process optimization. Innovation, strengthening business relationships with customers, digitalization, and increasing operational efficiency will always be our goals. At the same time, we would like to introduce more flexible pricing models to better respond to changing market conditions and the needs of our customers. These steps will help us not only to maintain our competitive advantage but also to actively develop it in response to global market trends and the changing needs of our customers.

Of course, the satisfaction of our employees across the Group is also important because, without their professional work every day, we would not be as successful as we are. For example, we would like to introduce comprehensive skills development and training programs that will not only enable employees to improve in their current roles but also offer opportunities for career progression. In this way, we will support not only their professional growth but also their motivation and loyalty to PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL. As part of our ESG strategy, we will work to create a safer and healthier working environment by improving workplace conditions and implementing new technologies that enhance work comfort. We will also focus on a flexible working environment that allows employees to better balance work and personal life. In this way, we will strive not only to increase job satisfaction but also to build a strong corporate culture that contributes to the long-term sustainability and success of all PKP CARGO Group companies.