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Thales presents its portfolio for InnoTrans 2022: What can you expect?

Thales presents its portfolio for InnoTrans 2022: What can you expect?
photo: Thales/Thales presents its portfolio for InnoTrans 2022: What can you expect?
15 / 09 / 2022

From intercity and cross-border travel to urban mobility, digitalization is shaping the future of sustainable rail. Thales wants it safe, affordable, accessible, efficient, and resilient ​ while minimizing carbon and other emissions and environmental impact. Today Thales focuses more than ever on capacity, reducing costs, managing operations remotely, and building up resilience. All of this is powered by connectivity and IA with a focus on standardization, safety, and cybersecurity.

This 2022 edition will be the opportunity to discover the Thales Data Driven railway. On display on the Thales stand, in connection with Lucy rolling Lab Thales laboratory for autonomous solutions, you will discover how Thales turns raw data into operational benefits to boost the performance and capacity of the railway, for an improved and punctual passenger journey and better environmental performance. You could also go further on cybersecurity solutions with the presentation of the Thales Cybels Key Management Centre for the European Train Control System (KMC4ETCS), which provides sophisticated key management services for ETCS railway operations.

The Operation Control Centre (OCC) is the brain of a railway system. On the Thales booth, visitors could play with the latest generation of Thales digital integrated platform to supervise all the wayside & onboard subsystems with a single click. They could also explore multiple use cases powered by artificial intelligence, from controlling passenger density to saving energy or improving customer satisfaction, and uncover how Thales can boost resilience through remote Operational Control Centre capabilities while ensuring the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure.

At Thales, we specialize in IT/OT (the integration of information technology (IT), the hardware and software that process data, with operational technology (OT), the systems that control industrial operations) - based critical solutions that harness Thales’s experience in transportation as well as cyber-security for large and complex infrastructures. Thales covers all of the cyber value chains from security by design, cyber consulting, and audits, to protection and detection. Thales ensures the safety, security, availability, and resilience of its customers’ transportation systems in a constantly evolving cyber threat environment and in line with international and national regulations and standards.

“Thales is a global player with an impressive track record in the field of ground transportation systems, both in the freight and passenger transport markets, with expertise that ranges from greenfield projects to upgrades and modernization of existing infrastructure. With an extensive portfolio of electronic and IT systems for national railways and urban transport operators, Thales is able to offer: signaling, traffic supervision, communications, security, and revenue collection. We integrate all rail systems to ensure maximum operational efficiency and reduced operational costs. Using our systems, operators can be trusted to offer the best experience and journey to passengers using their network: safe, secure, seamless, connected, and reliable,” says Millar Crawford, Executive Vice-President, Ground Transportation Systems Thales.


Source: Thales Group Press Releases