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"Slovenian companies have a good chance to succeed on the international market," says Matej Rogelj

&quote;Slovenian companies have a good chance to succeed on the international market,&quote; says Matej Rogelj
photo: Archive/Matej Rogelj, Director of the International Relations Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
22 / 08 / 2022

RAILTARGET presents you with the last in a series of exclusive interviews from the conference Challenges and Opportunities for Railway Companies and Suppliers in the Post-Covid era, this time with Matej Rogelj, Director of International Relations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. We asked about conference evaluation, cluster formation, and Slovenian railways!

How did you enjoy today's conference?

Well, I actually enjoyed it very much because we've got some interesting information I was not even aware of myself. About the Slovenian Railways and especially about the clusters that are being made in Europe, in the UK. A lot of interesting information, also some fun facts. So, from my perspective, as an organizer of this event, it was nice. Rather long, I think, but still, a lot of information and many chances to find some opportunities for the companies involved.

You are in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. I would like to ask you, from your point of view, is it important to give support to companies in the railway sector in Slovenia?

It's our essential, basic job on my part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. To connect Slovenian businesses to the international market. Whether it is regional or sectorial, we prefer sectorial events because they give you some contact and concrete information, and, when you have bilateral meetings afterward, you can really hope for some new contacts and results.

And what do you think about the possibilities for Slovenian companies, modernization, and investment in infrastructure?

I think they have a good chance because most of the Slovenian companies are actually niche players. We don't have large, big companies, but we do have companies that are very devoted to knowledge and innovation. It is a feature of the Slovenian industry in general, so it goes also for the railway sector, which spreads around to so many sectors. It's also IT, new technologies, and also older issues related to immobility, to Green transition. So these are all the fields that are very much the focus of the Slovenian SMEs, and I think the chances to be successful in the international market are quite good. And actually, many of the companies are already quite present in the international market.