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Riding the Rails of Happiness: Red Nose Day on Lithuanian Trains

Riding the Rails of Happiness: Red Nose Day on Lithuanian Trains
photo: LTG/Riding the Rails of Happiness: Red Nose Day on Lithuanian Trains
20 / 03 / 2023

Last weekend, a unique event took place as trains across Lithuania were filled with laughter, red noses, and vintage costumes. Passengers on the LTG LINK trains in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda were surprised to find themselves sharing their journey with 13 "Red Nose Doctors Clowns" in celebration of International Red Nose Day. These clown doctors, led by Aistė Lacitė, are known for their work with vulnerable audiences, using humour to bring respite from the difficulties of daily life.

The Red Nose Doctors Clowns and LTG LINK collaborated to present passengers with an emotional "voyage" on eight different routes, travelling to five cities. The clowns engaged with passengers through comical situations, magic tricks, and personal interactions, transforming the train journey into an unforgettable experience. Along the way, passengers were gifted red clown noses, symbolizing a ticket to spread joy beyond their journey.

Modesta Gusarovienė, LTG Link's Head of Sustainable Mobility and Services, emphasized the importance of providing a comfortable and enjoyable journey for passengers, expressing hope that the clowns had pleasantly surprised many and reminded everyone of the importance of good emotions. Laughter and positive emotions have been scientifically proven to contribute to overall well-being, with benefits ranging from physical relaxation to emotional release.

For 13 years, the Red Noses Doctors Clowns organization has brought joy to nearly 200,000 children and seniors in Lithuania, brightening the days of hospital patients, elderly residents in care homes, and refugees in need of emotional support. The partnership with LTG LINK for International Red Nose Day allowed the clowns to reach a broader audience and share their message of happiness and healing through laughter on an even wider scale.