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RAILTARGET's Interview Studio Comes to SEE Mobility 2023

RAILTARGET's Interview Studio Comes to SEE Mobility 2023
photo: RAILTARGET/RAILTARGET's Interview Studio Comes to SEE Mobility 2023
30 / 05 / 2023

In a landmark collaboration, RAILTARGET has joined forces with SEE Mobility 2023 as an official media partner, bringing its unique insights and industry expertise to the fair's broad audience.

Adding another layer of interactivity and engagement to the event, RAILTARGET is setting up its own interview studio at the fair. Get ready for a compelling series of interviews featuring key figures from the mobility sector. Through these exchanges, RAILTARGET will further illuminate the extensive range of areas the fair covers, from road and railway technologies to public transport infrastructure and beyond. Stay tuned for the insightful narratives and groundbreaking developments to unfold in these upcoming dialogues.

The 4th SEE Mobility, the premier international fair in the Western Balkans for transport technologies and services, has just commenced today, May 30th, at Belgrade’s Hotel Jugoslavija. This event focuses on "Connectivity for the future," spotlighting railways and logistics as the foundational pillars of the 21st-century mobility industry.