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Rail Cargo Days: Ab Ovo and GYSEV CARGO Discuss IT Systems in Railway Field

Rail Cargo Days: Ab Ovo and GYSEV CARGO Discuss IT Systems in Railway Field
photo: GYSEV CARGO/Ab Ovo and GYSEV CARGO Discuss IT Systems in Railway Field
08 / 11 / 2022

The Dutch company Ab Ovo invited GYSEV CARGO, a digital development company, to participate in a partnership meeting called Rail Cargo Days, which took place on October 11-12.

The event aimed to establish a discussion between Ab Ovo's IT specialists about the RCS system they have developed and the trends that will impact the IT developments of railway companies in the future. The Rail Cargo Days meeting took place over two days and was full of presentations from experts who presented the state of digitalization of railways, expected trends in the development of IT developments of railway companies, as well as current and expected economic and logistics trends.

An extremely important part of the Rail Cargo Days was an interactive workshop, which was attended by three working groups. They discussed the railway IT systems of Ab Ovo and their development options. Thanks to this seminar, Ab Ovo was able to learn about the needs of its customers, and railway companies found out about the development processes of Ab Ovo.

The result of Rail Cargo Days was the conclusion that the world of rail transportation is full of countless challenges that coexist with many new opportunities to effectively overcome them through digital developments.

"The participants also noted that the more efficient use, planning and monitoring of existing resources and capacities of the railways (tangible assets, locomotives and rolling stock, personnel) is becoming more important due to the ever scarcer resources and that IT specialists and railway software developers can make an important contribution with their forward-looking and effective digital solutions," GYSEV CARGO press release says.


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