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Rail Business Days 2024: The Latest Technologies and Trends in Railway Transport

Rail Business Days 2024: The Latest Technologies and Trends in Railway Transport
photo: Rail Business Days / Public domain/Rail Business Days 2023
10 / 06 / 2024

Rail Business Days 2024 in Ostrava, Czech Republic, promises to be an unforgettable event for all participants, offering new insights and perspectives for the future of railway transport.

Rail Business Days represents a unique opportunity to share knowledge, discuss current trends, and showcase the latest technological innovations in the railway industry. The fair provides a platform for meeting significant players in the railway sector, establishing new business relationships, and deepening existing partnerships.

The main attractions of the fair include:

  • Trains on Display: Visitors will have the unique opportunity to see and explore the most modern train technologies directly on the tracks, ranging from passenger units to freight exhibits. This year, the fair will feature three premieres that visitors will see for the first time. The individual exhibits will be unveiled soon.
  • Wide Range of Exhibitors: Rail Business Days 2024 will showcase a wide array of exhibitors from various countries and sectors within the railway industry. It includes vehicle manufacturers, their suppliers, and providers of infrastructure solutions. Due to high interest this year, a second exhibition hall is opening. The current list of exhibitors is available on the official fair website.
  • Interactive Presentations and Workshops: Visitors will have the opportunity to attend a professional conference and a Czech-Polish conference covering a wide range of topics from sustainability and energy to the digital transformation of the railway industry. The final day of the fair will include a special focus on students, known as Student Day.

Source: Rail Business Days