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PKP CARGO Explores Broader Cooperation with Ports at Polish Ports 2030 Congress

PKP CARGO Explores Broader Cooperation with Ports at Polish Ports 2030 Congress
photo: CARGO Explores Broader Cooperation with Ports at Polish Ports 2030 Congress
06 / 06 / 2023

The new role of ports in ensuring Poland's energy and economic security which was one of the leading themes of the Polish Ports 2030 Congress organised for the first time. For PKP CARGO, a Polish logistics operator, it means the prospect of even broader and closer business cooperation with ports.

At the beginning of June, representatives of ports in Gdynia, Gdańsk, Szczecin and Świnoujście, representatives of the largest port terminals, forwarders and the entire logistics industry operating in the surroundings of Polish ports, as well as numerous scientists and experts during the two-day meeting in Sopot also debated the efficiency of terminals and port infrastructure, as well as new challenges in supply chains, cyber security of transport and the impact of ports on the economy of cities and regions.

Among the speakers was Dariusz Seliga, CEO of PKP CARGO S.A. One of the key aspects raised during the debate by President Dariusz Seliga was the increase in the effectiveness of business activities within the company itself, as well as the improvement in the quality of cooperation with contractors, resulting in good financial and operational results. Recently, the cooperation with ports, from where the company's trains had to collect large amounts of imported coal, has been crucial for PKP CARGO. Dariusz Seliga emphasised that the efficient transport of coal in the winter period from seaports into the country was possible despite difficulties related to the capacity of lines and loading points.

The panellists' discussion then focused on bottlenecks in both line and terminal infrastructure and how they could be overcome, as well as new investments to make transport corridors more efficient. One of these, as Dariusz Seliga pointed out, is the construction of a container terminal in Zduńska Wola – Karsznice. The terminal will serve cargo streams on the north-south and east-west corridors, with the largest stream of containers delivered through port connections.

In addition, CEO Dariusz Seliga drew attention to the pressure related to the green transformation and the consequent need for, among other things, a business analysis of the impact of ESG factors (Environment, Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance) on the future strategy of PKP CARGO Group.