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PHOTO: ÖBB Children's Safety Day in Eisenstadt! What's so exciting about it?

PHOTO: ÖBB Children's Safety Day in Eisenstadt! What's so exciting about it?
photo: Scheiblecker / ÖBB/PHOTO: ÖBB Children's Safety Day in Eisenstadt! What's so exciting about it?
04 / 08 / 2022

As part of the Eisenstadt vacation game, ÖBB was a guest to teach more than 100 children aged 6 to 12 the correct behaviour on trains and buses as well as at stops and near railroad facilities entertainingly and interestingly.

ÖBB takes every opportunity to raise awareness of proper behaviour on trains and buses. It is also vital to contact directly with as many children and young people as possible at an early stage. A good opportunity for this is the Eisenstadt vacation game, where ÖBB was present as a cooperation partner with a detailed information stand and the ÖBB safety game and was also able to explain all crucial and safety-relevant rules and facilities during train and bus rides. The aim here is for children to learn to develop safety-oriented mobility skills at a young age.

Learning safety through play

Children have a natural urge to move around, children are active. It is gratifying, but one must also recognize the downside, which is that the number of accidents affecting children is very high. Among those affected, many children are around ten years old or younger. Reason enough to pay even more attention to the safety of children and to start educating the little ones on this topic.

ÖBB / Scheiblecker

At the ÖBB Safety Day, more than 100 children aged 6 to 12 were able to test their safety knowledge and demonstrate their skills in team competitions. The focus should not be on the idea of competition, but the children should consciously learn self-protection through fun and games and be motivated to think about safety. The ÖBB Safety Game, which was specially developed for such events, is intended to acquire or deepen the relevant knowledge.

Fun and games with ÖBB

The children are introduced to the topic of "safety" with materials suitable for the target group. According to the motto "prevention instead of reaction", these measures play a crucial role in the traffic safety program of the Austrian Federal Railways.

It is well-known that the shaping of mobility behaviour and attitudes already takes place in childhood and early adolescence. An important step is taken by ÖBB's participation in events such as the Eisenstadt Holiday Play. A major concern is to teach children in particular the correct behaviour on trains and buses, at the station and its surroundings, at bus stops and when crossing railroad crossings.

ÖBB / Scheiblecker

After an entertaining, age-appropriate safety information tour, the children were picked up by an ÖBB Cityjet for shuttle rides between Eisenstadt and Wulkaprodersdorf, where they were able to immediately put their acquired knowledge into practice. Of course, there were also ample opportunities to inspect the modern ÖBB Cityjet from the inside and outside - including the driver's cab.

To make sure that fun and games were not neglected, there were great prizes to be won in the safety quiz with a wheel of fortune and a Cindy Cityjet bouncy train, an ÖBB giant dartboard, table soccer tables, Kendama skill games, and much more awaited the kids.

ÖBB awareness work

People underestimate dangerous situations around stations, tracks and trains due to ignorance or carelessness. Particularly often, children and adolescents put their lives in danger by acting rashly - often, it is a case of misunderstood daring. Every year, children and young people are harmed in this way in the ÖBB area. The aim is to draw young people's attention to the consequences of unauthorized actions.

ÖBB / Scheiblecker

Through the development of target group-specific topics, students are made more aware of the public transport system with a focus on behaviour and safety.

Children influence parents

Children and young people should also become ambassadors for better safety. After all, if they are informed and convinced, they will also pass on their safety knowledge to those around them, especially their siblings and parents. Their advice could, for example, prevent many accidents due to irregular and risky crossing of railroad crossings.

Focal points

  • Train station / platform

o Keep sufficient distance to tracks and trains (suction effect, risk of falling)

o Change platforms only at designated places

ÖBB / Scheiblecker

  • No playing on the railroad embankment and in track areas
  • Traction current

o No climbing on parked wagons

o No kite flying in the vicinity of traction current installations

  • Avoid overconfidence pranks

o Laying stones (train derailment, skidding away)

o Leaning out of the moving train (oncoming train, track constructions)

o Throwing stones at signals and trains (disruption of service, injury to passengers, damage to property)

  • Railroad crossings

o When approaching railroad crossings, always be extremely vigilant (look and listen).

ÖBB / Scheiblecker

Source: ÖBB Press Releases