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Nelt Presents Digitization Solutions in Transport at SLA Conference

Nelt Presents Digitization Solutions in Transport at SLA Conference
photo: Nelt Group/Nelt Presents Digitization Solutions in Transport at SLA Conference
16 / 11 / 2022

Nelt Group participated in the annual conference of the Serbian Logistics Association in Belgrade. This largest logistics event in the Western Balkans took place at the beginning of the month at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Nenad Rakočević, manager for improving operations in the supply chain at Nelt Group, spoke in the Road Transport session.

"Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to understand what is happening in every part of the supply chain. Digitization brings us a whole set of application solutions, platforms that allow us to achieve this in real-time," Nenad Rakočević pointed out in his presentation and added that Nelt's focus on digital transformation began in 2018.

"With the latter strategic plan for 2022-2025, we further strengthened and accelerated the digital agenda. Digital Supply Chain Transformation is imperative for a more comprehensive and improved user experience of our service that brings value to everyone in the E2E supply chain, whether it is the distribution or 4PL part of the business. In other words, the digitization of transport allows us to see, understand and improve the performance of the supply chain thanks to real-time data, then intervene promptly and mitigate risks as much as possible, collaborate cross-functionally with external customers and clients, which significantly improves the level of service, better manages capital and costs, and we are increasing the resistance to disruptions in the supply chain," said Nenad.

More than 500 logistics experts from the entire region attended the event. The lecture was held by 30 participants, and several dozen exhibitors presented their logistic solutions at the LogExpo international fair held in front of the conference halls.


Source: Nelt Group Press Releases