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'Multimodality is Really a Gold Mine' - An Insightful Conversation with NELT Group's Ivan Milićević at SEE MOBILITY

'Multimodality is Really a Gold Mine' - An Insightful Conversation with NELT Group's Ivan Milićević at SEE MOBILITY
photo: RAILTARGET/'Multimodality is Really a Gold Mine' - An Insightful Conversation with NELT Group's Ivan Milićević at SEE MOBILITY
22 / 06 / 2023

The RAILTARGET editorial team had a chance to interview Ivan Milićević, Head of Innovation and Development at NELT Group, at the SEE MOBILITY event in Belgrade. This engaging conversation, a follow-up to a previous interview two years ago, delved into NELT Group's recent investments in intermodality, the expansion of their dry ports, and their commitment to sustainable logistics in the Balkans. Additionally, Milićević shed light on the significance of events like SEE MOBILITY in connecting companies across various European regions and discussed NELT Group’s participation in upcoming fairs.

We met up at SEE Mobility 2021 two years ago. I would like to ask you, what these two years mean for Nelt. What is new in your company?

Thank you for your question. A lot of things have happened in the last two years. We have investments of around EUR 2 million in intermodality. We made an extension of our dry port in Belgrade, in Dobanovci.

Today, we have a capacity of 30 000 m2 for container depot. We invested a lot in equipment and efficiency. I believe that in the last two years, we have reinforced our position in multimodal transport solutions in the Balkan area as one of the leaders. 

Are you planning some news for this year, 2023? 

Of course. Based on the demands of our customers and partners, we have a really wide range of customers in our sales pipeline. We figured out that multimodality is really a gold mine. In June, we will start with a new dry port in Kruševac in central Serbia. It will be the new dry port equipped with rail siding, very near to European Corridor X and the Moravian Corridor as well. We really hope that with these products, we will contribute a lot to the sustainable development of logistics in the Balkan area.

You are one of the sponsors of the SEE Mobility 2023 fair. Do you think it is important to organize this kind of fair where you can connect companies from Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe? 

We are very proud to be the sponsors of this fair, which is important because if you don’t contribute, you are out of this game in this way. Being present at this kind of event is something we consider very important, and we will continue this practice in the future for sure.

Which other fairs are you planning to visit this year? 

This year has been very intensive for us. After the four-year delay, we visited the transport logistic fair in Munich. We were very active there. And we are here today, of course. We are planning the local Serbian, regional fair, SLA, in November, which we will contribute to and support as a golden sponsor as well. This year, in April, we attended Rail Serbia 2023.