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Live Coverage from TRAKO 2023: Opening Ceremony

Live Coverage from TRAKO 2023: Opening Ceremony
photo: RAILTARGET/Live Coverage from TRAKO 2023: Opening Ceremony
19 / 09 / 2023

The RAILTARGET editorial team presents exclusive coverage of the international railway trade fair, TRAKO 2023. This four-day event commenced with an opening ceremony graced by eminent personalities, including the Polish Minister of Transport, Andrej Adamczyk, renowned railway expert Carlo Borghini, and British Transport Secretary Huw Merriman. Adamczyk delivered the inaugural speech at one of Europe's premier railway fairs.

The proceedings began with an address by the Polish Minister of Transport, who, during the ceremony, highlighted the recent accomplishments of the Polish railways. He noted that not too long ago, many doubted that the Polish railways would achieve its current stature. With optimism, he voiced his hope for continued progress and expressed gratitude for the remarkable success. "All of you have played a part in this achievement," Adamczyk remarked. The minister also underscored the readiness of the Polish railways to meet upcoming challenges and their ongoing commitment to innovation, as evidenced by advancements like hydro-locomotives. In recent years, Poland has seen the construction of over 7,400 km of new tracks, more than 700 new bridges, and the modernization or establishment of over a thousand railway stations. Above all, Adamczyk emphasized that the primary goal of the railways is to cater to the key stakeholders – the passengers.

Carlo Borghini, Executive Director of Europe's Rail, was the next speaker. Borghini reflected on the significant strides made during his tenure. All the presenters concurred that this fair offers more than just a platform for business networking—it's also an avenue to exchange insights, visions, and expertise and to partake in various professional discussions.

The British perspective was provided by Transport Secretary Huw Merriman, who underscored rail's vital role not just in the UK's infrastructure, but also as a cornerstone of future sustainable development due to its minimal carbon footprint. Merriman conveyed his gratitude for the invitation and highlighted the significance of sustained collaboration between the British and Ukrainian railway sectors.

Concluding the opening segment, Adamczyk symbolically initiated the fair by pressing a button, illuminating the green signal on the event's traffic lights. Subsequent sessions revolved around pressing global challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, examining their repercussions on the railway sector. These discussions saw participation from major railway corporation representatives as well as government officials from Europe and neighboring regions.