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"Intermodal Is Growing in Europe and Will Continue to Grow," Says Maciej Cetnerowski, LTG Cargo Polska

&quote;Intermodal Is Growing in Europe and Will Continue to Grow,&quote; Says Maciej Cetnerowski, LTG Cargo Polska
photo: RAILTARGET/Maciej Cetnerowski
26 / 12 / 2023

During the Transport Logistic 2023 fair in Munich, RAILTARGET had the opportunity to engage in a compelling dialogue with Maciej Cetnerowski, the Intermodal Development Director of LTG Cargo Polska. Amidst the bustling activity of one of the industry's most significant gatherings, Mr. Cetnerowski shared insightful perspectives on the burgeoning growth and strategic initiatives of LTG Cargo Polska, a key player in the European rail logistics sector.

We are currently at the Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich. I would like to ask you what kind of possibilities you see here.

What a great fair! It's such a huge place where all the companies from different parts of the logistics business are present, and we had a lot of great meetings here as LTG, both my Lithuanian and Ukrainian colleagues and me, of course, as a representative of LTG Poland. I think our business will grow, and it's very important to meet with people in person as much as possible, and the fair in Munich is the perfect place for that.

And how is your business in Poland growing?

It's been a crazy year when we grew from basically having no locomotives to having thirty by the end of the year, taking up extra ones next year, so we are one of the fastest growing rail companies in Poland and, probably, Europe as well. We are excited about the future, and we thank, of course, our Lithuanian mother company for providing us with the support for us to grow at such a fast pace.

LTG is also realizing a specialized transport route between Ukraine and, let's say, Poland. Could you quickly introduce this service to us?

Yes, of course. When the war broke out, it was very important for us to support our neighbours in Ukraine. It was also important for Lithuania to support Ukraine, so we were very focused on the border. As LTG Poland, we signed an agreement about crossing over to Ukraine with our locomotives, so we tried to move as much cargo and help. At first, it was only grain, but now it's fuel and other products, and I think for the next year, we will be supporting Ukraine in that way as well.

Your focus is intermodal transport. Could you tell us anything about it according to LTG services?

We do a lot of intermodal [transport]. Of course, our flagship product is from Kaunas to Duisburg. We move trailers and containers four times per week, and the business is going to be growing. We are trying to show the baltic states that intermodal is very important and that our clients have been very enthusiastic. Intermodal is being done in a lot of ways. From Ukraine, we are also moving grain and containers, as a lot of it is getting moved to the Port of Klaipeda where they have to be transported in containers. Intermodal is growing in Europe, and it's going to be growing in the next couple of years.

The next fair will be TRAKO in Gdańsk. How are you preparing for this great event?

TRAKO will also be related to the rail business and, of course, we as a rail provider think it's very important for us to be there. We are going to be happy to meet all our partners and clients as well. And, of course, it's one of the best cities in Poland. Gdańsk is where I am from, so I am very excited about that, and, hopefully, it's going to be at least as Munich is.