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InnoTrans 2022: What new technologies can you look forward to?

InnoTrans 2022: What new technologies can you look forward to?
photo: Siemens Mobility/InnoTrans 2022: What new technologies can you look forward to?
17 / 09 / 2022

InnoTrans 2022 (20.-23.9.2022) is one of the most important events in the transport sector this year. You can expect a packed program where you can learn about the latest trends in the sector. RAILTRAGET's editorial team is writing a series of articles for this fair, and in today's one, we'll take a look at the new technologies you'll be able to see.

One of the most important events of this autumn will break out after this weekend! We will inform you about InnoTrans 2022 (20-23 September 2022) in a series of articles dedicated to this event. The first one provided background information on the fair, and then we covered the highlights. We also focused on foreign and Czech exhibitors, and now, we will focus on new technologies.

Thales will present its vision of a data-driven railway. You will learn how they are turning raw data into operational benefits to improve railway performance and capacity, make passenger journeys better and more accurate, and better protect the environment. You can also explore cybersecurity solutions with a presentation from Thales Cybels' Key Management Centre for European Train Control System (KMC4ETCS), which provides sophisticated key management services for ETCS rail operations.

The Operations Control Centre (OCC) is the brain of the railway system. At the Thales stand, visitors can play with the latest generation of Thales' digital integrated platform, which allows all subsystems on the line and on the train to be supervised with a single click. They can also explore a range of AI-powered use cases, from managing passenger density to saving energy or improving customer satisfaction, and discover how Thales can increase resilience with remote operational control center capabilities while ensuring the cyber security of the critical infrastructure.

Under its Mobility by Nature brand, Alstom will showcase its latest innovations and digital solutions that enable sustainable mobility for customers and greener transport choices for passengers. Green traction solutions will be a highlight of the program, including Alstom's latest fuel cell technology, hydrogen, battery, and fuel cells for new trains, as well as green traction renewal options for the existing fleet. The Coradia iLint, the world's first hydrogen-powered passenger train now in commercial operation in Germany, will run twice daily from Berlin-Spandau to Berlin-Ostbahnhof. Guests of Alstom and special partners will have the opportunity to ride.

The stand will also showcase Alstom's Automatic Train Operation (ATO), European Train Control System (ETCS), and cyber security technologies, which enable operators to optimize real-time performance in signaling and multimodality and improve the passenger travel experience by offering safety, connectivity, and seamlessness.

And what will SIEMENS Mobility present? The big draw will be their outdoor display, where several trains will be on display:

  • Desiro HC - the Desiro HC (high capacity) train can easily handle the growing number of passengers on the new Labe-Spree rail network. The train is configured with two powered single-deck end cars and two double-deck unpowered middle cars, saving valuable energy resources. It is equipped with specially coated windows for better network signal reception, onboard WiFi and electrical outlets throughout the train, numerous TFT monitors, real-time occupancy indicators, and a special system to ensure passenger comfort.
  • Mireo Plus H - a new generation of hydrogen trains that combines innovative design and the latest sustainable technologies. The Mireo Plus H is equipped with fuel cell propulsion and a lithium-ion battery that provides traction energy and uses regenerative braking. As part of a joint project, Deutsche Bahn and SIEMENS Mobility are testing a completely new complete system consisting of a newly developed train and a newly designed refueling station.
  • Metro "X-Wagen" Vienna - 34 six-car metro trains will make traveling around Vienna even more convenient and comfortable, including the fully automated line U5. The trains feature a lightweight design and a recycling rate of more than 90 percent and will enter passenger service on lines U1 to U4 in 2022 and will be fully automated on the new line U5 from around 2026.
  • Avenio Nuremberg - The four-car Avenio trams will gradually provide passenger transport on Nuremberg's tram network, which has five lines and an operating length of approximately 40 km. Spacious boarding areas and wide passageways improve passenger movement and comfort.

There is much more to come, and the RAILTARGET editorial team will be on-site to bring you exclusive on-site coverage of new technologies and trends in transport!