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InnoTrans 2022: Throwback to This Year's Biggest Trade Fair in the Transport Sector

InnoTrans 2022: Throwback to This Year's Biggest Trade Fair in the Transport Sector
photo: Archive/InnoTrans 2022: Throwback to This Year's Biggest Trade Fair in the Transport Sector
26 / 12 / 2022

This year has been challenging and eventful, and we and our readers definitely have a lot to remember, but today, a week before the New Year, we cannot help but mention the largest and most outstanding event of the railway sector in 2022, the InnoTrans trade fair, which took place in Berlin at the end of September. It lasted for several days and gathered the most influential representatives of the sector. RAILTARGET, in turn, kept our readers up to date, publishing exclusive insights and photos directly from the event, and later interviews with the top management of a large number of companies with which we managed to communicate. Let's take a look at the throwback to how it all went.

We prepared a series of articles to give our readers more details about the event. The initial one introduced the most basic information about the fair, then in the second article we covered the most exciting events you can visit. Then we introduced foreign and Czech exhibitors whose stands are worth visiting. The following article was about interesting new technologies you can see and possibly experience. And in the penultimate article, we summarized this information for you, the day before the event itself.

On the first day of the event, we informed our readers about an MoU signed between Dr. Richard Lutz, CEO of Deutsche Bahn, and Oleksandr Kamyshin, the Chairman of the Board of Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) right at Messe Berlin. We also didn't skip over the live coverage of the opening ceremony of InnoTrans 2022 and of Deutsche Bahn's Rail Leader's Summit 2022 - Pioneering transport event.

RAILTARGET was excited to have interviewed some representatives of the railway sector. Kristian Schmidt, Director for Land Transport at the European Commission, talked about the importance of the railway cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union and shared his views on how the DAC funding should be carried out, while Alberto Mazzola, CEO of CER, mentioned the company's plans in the high-speed rail sector in the nearest future. Peter Reinshagen, managing director of ERMEWA SA,  talked about investments in intermodal wagons, and the GreenDeal digital automatic coupler project, Stéphane Brunet, CEO of Vapé Rail, talked about the importance of such events in the post-Covid era. We were also happy to meet Cesare Fani, Sales and Marketing Director at Bertolotti, Philipp Wolter, Project Director at AUCOTEAM, and Rob Bartlam, Support Team Lead and Transport Specialist at Ampetronic.

The series of throwback articles will now continue and we are looking forward to reminiscing about the best moments of InnoTrans 2022 with you.