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InnoTrans 2022: Take a look at the most interesting events of the fair!

InnoTrans 2022: Take a look at the most interesting events of the fair!
photo: InnoTrans/InnoTrans 2022: Take a look at the most interesting events of the fair!
14 / 09 / 2022

One of the most important events for the transport sector, InnoTrans 2022 (20.9.-23.9.2022), is almost here! And what's on the agenda of this trade fair? The RAILTRAGET editorial team has gone through the schedule of events that will be held here and brings you a selection of the best things to see.

  • Day 1 - 20/09

The first event will be the opening ceremony of InnoTrans 2022 at 10:00 a.m., where Messe Berlin's CEO Martin Ecknig, Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure Volker Wissing, and EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean will give opening remarks. There will also be a panel discussion on The Future of Mobility in the Era of Climate Change, which will be attended by Michal Krapinec, CEO of Czech Railways, on behalf of the Czech side. Don't forget to book your place, capacity is limited to 1000 participants.

After the opening ceremony, you can look at the exhibitors' stands, have light refreshments, and head off to other events. An interesting one could be the presentation of the Skoda Group and their Skoda ForCity Smart 36T project at 13:00. You will be able to learn more about this narrow gauge, bi-directional, low-floor tram with a length of 33 meters. There will also be a guided tour so you can see it up close.

But if the tram hour doesn't tempt you, there is another event from 13:30 on Sustainability in rail freight transport through innovative assets. It is organized by the German national carrier DB. What can you look forward to? You will learn more about the innovative m2 system, which allows freight wagons to be configured according to actual needs. A paper wagon becomes a timber wagon or a scrap wagon when needed. The very topical subject of digital automatic coupling (DAC) and how it will help rail freight transport or the role of dual-drive locomotives (electricity/diesel) will also be addressed.

But if you would like to get a breath of fresh air, there is the opportunity from STADLER, which will be presenting its FLIRT AKKU train on the outdoor stand at 15:30. It's not just any train, it uses batteries for propulsion! These are charged using overhead lines and regenerative braking, and once the train reaches a place where there is no power line, it can run on battery power.

  • Day 2 - 21/09

On the second day, you can start with hydrogen, literally! Voith will present hydrogen storage systems for trains and buses. You will learn how they were able to double the capacity of their hydrogen tanks. It will mean a longer range. Feel free to discover this secret on the second day of the fair at 10:00!

And are you interested in anti-collision systems? Autonomous driving systems? Then don't hesitate to attend the second Skoda event on these topics! You will see a presentation of the Skoda anti-collision system, which can move us closer to autonomous trams, and higher traffic safety starting from 11:00.

Then you can spend the afternoon in the so-called Speaker's Corner, where two interesting topics will be played out, or there is another choice. From 16:30, in one part of the fair, there will be an event under the auspices of UNIFE entitled "Skills for the rail sector: Adapting training programs and attracting talent?", which deals with a vital topic. With the trend toward digitalization of the railways, new professions will be needed, and the question of where and how to attract new, talented people needs to be addressed. In parallel, Europe's Rail will have its event on Digital Automatic Couplers in another part of the fair.

  • Day 3 - 22/09

They say the third day tends to be a crisis day, but not at InnoTrans 2022. Let's stick to rail modernization trends - from 10:00, UNIFE's Digital Forum on ERTMS - the building block on the road to digital and autonomous rail will be held in two parts. The first will feature a roundtable with senior European officials on the role of ERTMS as a key tool for future mobility in Europe. The second part will take a closer look at the technical analysis of ERTMS and how digitization will enable autonomous rail transport.

There is an alternative option here! At the same time (from 10:00), there will be an event hosted by DB Regio to learn more about trends in public transport and the IdeasTrain project. If you want to see a double-decker on the railway, attend this event.

However, if you are a real enthusiast of the digitalization of the railway, you must not miss the presentation by Thales. The agenda will be the importance of digital transformation for the ERMTS' successful implementation. How should digitalization take place, or what are the pitfalls? More here from 11:30!

  • Day 4 - 23/09

And if you stay and stick it out to the end, feel free to attend the Hyperlook Technology Conference. But be warned, you'll have to sit tight because it starts at 9:15. This will be the first international conference dedicated to the new age of transportation. Meet the startups, experts, and investors who have set out to move today's people with tomorrow's technology. In addition to keynote presentations by business, politics, and science experts, there will be a series of masterclasses where you can expand and deepen your knowledge. The conference will conclude with an evening event where you can make new connections into the world of Hyperloop.

Then there is nothing to do but head back home, filled with the experience of InnoTrans 2022. RAILTARGET's editorial team will be bringing you a series of articles, news, photo reports, and interviews from the event, so you will not be missing anything!