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InnoTrans 2022: A selection of the most interesting foreign exhibitors!

InnoTrans 2022: A selection of the most interesting foreign exhibitors!
photo: HowStuffWorks/InnoTrans 2022: A selection of the most interesting foreign exhibitors!
15 / 09 / 2022

We bring you another part of the series of articles on the upcoming InnoTrans 2022 (20.-23.9.2022). After a general introduction of the whole event and the event selection, this time, we will focus on exhibitors from the foreign scene of the transport sector. What stands to visit and what to expect from them? More in the article!

The InnoTrans 2022 fair is approaching, and the RAILTARGET editorial team has prepared a series of articles on the event. The first one is dedicated to a general introduction to the fair and a small preview of what to expect. The following article focused on individual selected events that should not miss your attention. And in today's one, we take a closer look at exhibitors from the international rail scene.

ALSTOM is dedicated to low-carbon future solutions and sustainable transport. From high-speed trains, metros, monorails, and trams to turnkey systems, services, infrastructure, signaling, and digital mobility - ALSTOM offers its diverse customers the broadest portfolio in the industry. Over 150,000 of their vehicles are already traversing the world. You can, therefore, look forward to the latest trends in rolling stock production in one indoor and two outdoor exhibitions.

From manufacturer to the carrier. BUDAMAR LOGISTICS has been involved in international freight forwarding and logistics for more than two decades, also offering comprehensive solutions for its clients or transport-related services. Stably, it is one of the strongest freight forwarding companies in the Slovak Republic. If you are interested in learning more about rail transport in our region, visit the BUDAMAR LOGISTICS stand!

The German national carrier, Deutsche Bahn, does not need much introduction. Many of its subsidiaries will be present at the fair, including DB Cargo, DB Regio, and DB E.C.O. Group. However, there are more than 80 of these, and only a fraction of the subsidiaries will be at InnoTrans 2022. How is German precision doing in the world of modern, digital, and green rail? More at the stands and outdoor displays under the DB flag.

Another big name that needs little introduction is the Austrian national carrier ÖBB. Like its German counterpart, it is pushing for a modern, digital, and green railway. The main draw of this carrier, however, is punctuality. It reports a punctuality rate of around 97% and, together with its subsidiaries, forms the backbone of the entire Austrian rail transport. You can discover the secret of their success in Hall B.

From the carriers, we will return to the manufacturers, specifically Hitachi Rail. This company is a rail solutions provider in the areas of rolling stock, signaling, operations, service and maintenance, digital technology, and turnkey solutions. Their most famous project is undoubtedly the bullet trains, i.e., high-speed trains. Their ETR1000 - Frecciarossa model can reach speeds of up to 400 km/h. If you are no stranger to speed, especially on the railways, visit the Hitachi Rail stand!

If you like fast trains, you might also be interested in the braking systems. So don't miss the Knorr-Bremse stand. Its main slogans are urbanization, sustainability, digitalization, and mobility. Not only speed but also brakes move the world! Then, thanks to its subsidiaries, it increases passenger comfort through products in the categories of air conditioning or door systems.

And back to the carriers. Representatives of the Polish PKP GROUP will not be absent at InnoTrans 2022. You will meet the freight rail carrier PKP CARGO, the railway infrastructure manager PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, or the largest Polish national carrier PKP Intercity. How are our northern neighbors coping with the current challenges on the railways? You will see them at the PKP stands.

This year, SIEMENS Mobility, which manufactures the world-famous Vectron locomotives, will have several outdoor stands. For a long time, you can meet them also on our lines. In addition to rolling stock production, it also focuses on rail automation and electrification, turnkey systems, and related services. If you're eager to know what news about Vectrons SIEMENS Mobility has in store, head to InnoTrans 2022 for some fresh air.

Swiss watches are passé, go for Swiss trains instead! Stadler and their products can convince you of that. They don't just cover the railway, per se, but every other conceivable category of rolling stock. And during the fair, they will reveal their latest addition - the hydrogen-powered FLIRT train. You will thus be able to see the possible future of alternative train propulsion with your own eyes.

Wabtec, a company that manufactures components for locomotives and freight and passenger cars, will be coming to InnoTrans 2022 from as far away as Pittsburgh. It also manufactures locomotives that can reach up to 6,000 horsepower. Recently, however, they have been focusing on the possibilities of alternative propulsion, or emission-free locomotives that would use hydrogen fuel cells. How are rail trends evolving on the other side of the ocean? Explore the Wabtec stand!

What will ZÖLLNER Signal come up with this year? According to the available information, it will be an innovative warning system for ETCS L2 lines using train traffic information from the communication between the RBC and the interlocking. This system will increase safety during construction work on the railway and can also protect your workers. You will be able to see how this system works and looks like during live demonstrations at InnoTrans 2022!

We will conclude our list with the RAILPOOL leasing company. They offer their services all over Europe and will provide you with an A to Z service when leasing locomotives. The advantage is that through a few clicks you can find the best option for your situation, making the whole process much easier. Will RAILPOOL be bringing news about the leasing process, such as an app, to its stand? Do not hesitate to visit them.