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"In the Future, All Wagons Will Be Equipped with DAC," Asserts Tatravagónka Poprad's Sales Manager, Marián Hudák

&quote;In the Future, All Wagons Will Be Equipped with DAC,&quote; Asserts Tatravagónka Poprad's Sales Manager, Marián Hudák
photo: RAILTARGET/Marián Hudák
30 / 12 / 2023

Marián Hudák, Sales Manager at Tatravagónka Poprad, presented an innovative wagon designed for truck transportation at the Transport Logistic 2023 fair in Munich. He shared more details about these innovative wagons and explained why Tatravagónka Poprad chose Munich for the presentation in an interview with RAILTARGET.

Could you tell us more about the wagons you presented today?

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Marián Hudák, and I work for Tatravagónka Poprad. Our company is showcasing a wagon that we believe is the most modern solution for transporting trucks. Our modernization includes the use of an efficient disc brake system. We've lowered the wagon's loading platform to a height of 700 millimeters. Thanks to this, customers can load these vehicles very efficiently, reducing loading time by approximately 50%. We've equipped the wagons with the most modern DAC system and an automatic coupler that can also be used in the future. The wagons have been adapted for electric cars, meaning they already have a built-in battery. Our customers will have no problem handling the wagons, as they are familiar with the system. We've also maintained the wagon height and the approach ramp so that the wagons can be used on existing infrastructure.

You mentioned that the wagon is ready for the arrival of the digital automatic coupler. Could you elaborate on that?

At the European level, there is a prevailing initiative that all wagons should be equipped with a digital automatic coupler, or at least an automatic coupler, in the future. Digitization is something that should arrive in the future, but of course, we need to run electric cables through the wagon. Electricity is simply the future.

Why did you choose the fair in Munich to present the new wagon?

We decided on Munich for a simple reason: all our biggest customers are located here.