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"Hydrogen is the Future of the Rail Market in Europe and Poland," States Marcin Górecki from Siemens Mobility Poland

&quote;Hydrogen is the Future of the Rail Market in Europe and Poland,&quote; States Marcin Górecki from Siemens Mobility Poland
photo: RAILTARGET/"Hydrogen is the Future of the Rail Market in Europe and Poland," States Marcin Górecki from Siemens Mobility Poland
09 / 10 / 2023

In an enlightening conversation at the TRAKO railway fair, Marcin Górecki, the esteemed Head of Marketing, Communication, and PR for Siemens Mobility Poland, delves into the company's latest achievements, innovative technologies, and future aspirations. Covering an array of topics from Siemens Mobility's current exhibits at TRAKO to the future plans for Innotrans 2024, Górecki paints a vivid picture of the dynamic changes the railway sector is undergoing and the pivotal role Siemens Mobility is playing in shaping its trajectory.

My first question is about the TRAKO fair here. I would like to ask you, what are you showing to your clients here in your expositions?

First of all, we are very happy we are on the TRAKO 2023. It's the fifteenth edition, and we are very strong with our Siemens Mobility experience and technologies. We have a big booth in the main hall with six areas connected with energy efficiency, the railway infrastructure maximizing, our components, rolling stock, customer service, and also with our solutions connected with big projects like in Egypt or India. We are also showcasing our simulator for the first time. It's a simulator that you can ride autonomously. It's the line in Hamburg, which we opened in October 2022. But it's not only about the booth. It's also about the two wonderful vehicles we are presenting on the TRAKO. First, it's our Vectron locomotive, which we've handed over to Cargounit, and the second is the most important one, the Mireo regional train. It's very energy-efficient. We are showcasing it to our clients, and it's one of the stars of the TRAKO fair.

The Vectron Dual Mode is definitely one of your most popular locomotives. Why do you think it is so?

Vectron Dual Mode is a part of the Vectron platform, which is very popular. We have sold around 1800 locomotives from Vectron, and the Dual Mode is a part of the Vectron operating on both diesel and battery. Diesel-electric trains are very popular, for example, in the Czech Republic and Germany. We also have some plans to put it on our Polish market, but it might take time, although the general interest in this locomotive is very high. It's very efficient and can operate with no electricity, and it helps both freight and passenger carriers to operate more seamlessly and reliably.

New technologies and energy sources like hydrogen and batteries are a great trend in the railway sector. What about Siemens Mobility Poland when it comes to all these innovative things?

Siemens Mobility is very much into these two types of trains. It's also our Mireo platform. We are showcasing the electric one at TRAKO, but we do not forget about our battery and hydrogen trains based on the same platform. In terms of the battery trains, they're already in operation, for example, in Austria. In terms of the hydrogen trains, we are this close to starting our operation with passengers, so I can tell you at the very beginning of 2024, in Bavaria and Bohemia, we will be starting our operations of Mireo Hydrogen trains with passengers. And we would also like to do it in Poland, so who knows? The interest is great, the hydrogen topic is very relevant for the European markets, and we believe it's the future of the rail market in Europe and Poland, specifically.

This year was really dynamic for a lot of companies in the sector. How was 2023 for Siemens Mobility and your, let's say, economic status?

We've been very satisfied with this year. We've sold many new Vectrons and handed them over to our clients like Cargounit and PKP Cargo. It was definitely the locomotive year. We've already operated in the customer service and components market, and we've delivered a lot of new things connected to our vehicles or the vehicles with our components. It's also the year of our string presence in terms of the regional trains with Mireo. And also, with our efforts to strengthen our presence in Poland in terms of new power supply. It was a very good year. We are hoping that next year will be as great, and we for sure will meet at Innotrans in 2024 with lots of our new technologies.

Could you tell us what you will showcase there, at Innotrans 2024?

I believe it's a little bit too soon to share the news, but I am very confident that we will be showing something very special. Maybe in the next few weeks or months, I will be able to share more, but so far, it's confidential.

We are looking forward to the secret then!

With pleasure!

And what are your plans for 2024? Are you looking for new partners or possibilities for cooperation?

In terms of the Polish entity, we will be focusing on the areas that we have already developed, e.g., locomotives, the components, and customer service, but we are also looking forward to strengthening our presence in terms of the new power supply for regional trains. There might also be some tenders in the high-speed trains section. These are the main three areas we are keen on. And, last but not least, all the things connected to the ETCS both on the tracks and vehicles.

Perfect. Thank you for the interview, and see you at Innotrans.