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Hungarian Railway consortium at the Hungarian Railway 2021 Conference

Hungarian Railway consortium at the Hungarian Railway 2021 Conference
photo: Archives/Hungarian Railway
15 / 11 / 2021

Wu Jiang, the managing executive of the consortium member of the Záhony Logistics and Industrial Zone (CELIZ) CECZ Central European Ltd. gave an approach-structuring and thought-provoking presentation in Hungarian at the Hungarian Railway 2021 Conference. Wu Jiang praised that since 1984, China and Hungary have signed 28 economic and trade arrangements. He also said that there were 12,400 listed freight trains between China and Europe last year, for which Chinese state service got requests, and 1,135,000 TEU containers were transported by these cargo trains. That meant a fifty percent boost in sales in 2020.

The trend continued in 2021, with the number of approved trains now reaching 16,000. In addition, 3500 trains were added on a market basis (without subsidies). No one had previously believed that it would be worth it, it could be competitive anyway, but the multiplication of maritime transport has eliminated much of the price difference between rail and sea freight. 

"I am pleased that most of the traffic arrives in the European Union on Polish routes, but this has now reached its maximum capacity, with Małaszewicze, close to the Polish-Belarusian border, barely able to accommodate two hundred Chinese container trains a month. Serious congestion has developed, which is why a traffic restriction is now being issued in China monthly, which means that no cargo train can be launched to Europe for days. The development of the Záhony transshipment area can provide a partial answer to this obstacle, providing an alternative for railway supervisors. Me Jiang stated during his speech at the Hungarian Railway 2021 Conference.