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From Vintage to Modern: Experience the Best of Trains at Rušňoparáda

From Vintage to Modern: Experience the Best of Trains at Rušňoparáda
photo: ZSSK/From Vintage to Modern: Experience the Best of Trains at Rušňoparáda
05 / 05 / 2023

This year, railway enthusiasts will be able to participate in the biggest railway event Rušňoparáda, which will take place in the eastern metropolis this weekend on May 6-7. The event is organised by the Railway Company Slovakia (ZSSK) in cooperation with the Podvihorlatský Railway Association.

The event will kick off on Saturday, 6 May, at 9:00 am at the ZSSK Bus Depot in Košice, open until 5:30 pm, with the arrival of the Retro Express from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm and a night photo shoot at the turntable. On Sunday, the depot will be open from 9:00 to 16:30, when the event will be officially closed. The event will be held in the spirit of tours of both historical and modern railway vehicles.

As Roman Koreň, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZSSK, said, last year's Rušňoparada attracted 15 thousand visitors, so this year, ZSSK also promises a lot from the attendance. The biggest attraction is considered to be the more than 100-year-old locomotive "Štvorkolák", which was recently put back into service by enthusiasts from the Historical Rolling Stock Club in Haniška near Košice after more than twenty years of reconstruction. The "Štvorkolák" had its last ride in 1977.

Rušňoparáda / ZSSK

The event will also feature the steam locomotive "Dvojka" or the 72-year-old steam locomotive Papagáj from Poprad, which got its name thanks to its light blue paint and distinctive red wheels. Other attractions will be a hand-operated dressage engine or the diesel locomotive Sergej from Humenne, which had the opportunity to appear alongside George Clooney in the film Peacemaker, filmed in Slovakia.

Among the modern pieces, ZSSK's latest electric unit, nicknamed Panter, will be on show, where visitors can relax, as it will function as a chill-out zone where they will be able to compete for a ZSSK ID bonus credit to buy travel documents. Art enthusiasts will enjoy the models of locomotives created from old iron bolts by Ján Novák. He has presented his locomotives in the past at the World EXPO exhibition. The smallest visitors will enjoy several attractions, such as trampolines, creative workshops, children's motorbikes and much more.

All other important information about the event is available on the ZSSK website and Facebook page.