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From Vintage Steam to Futuristic Tech: DB’s Rail Day Showcases It All!

From Vintage Steam to Futuristic Tech: DB’s Rail Day Showcases It All!
photo: Deutsche Bahn AG/From Vintage Steam to Futuristic Tech: DB’s Rail Day Showcases It All!
14 / 09 / 2023

A celebration awaits millions of rail enthusiasts: Deutsche Bahn (DB), in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, various railway companies, and transport associations and federations, invites everyone to "Rail Day" from 15 to 17 September 2023. This initiative aims to generate even greater enthusiasm for rail travel. The event, commencing on 15 September, is organized by the Pro-Rail Alliance.

With 180 events on the docket, DB and the entire railway industry are celebrating in unity. The agenda features a rally in central Germany with special trains heading to Leipzig. At grand station festivals, like the one in Neumarkt in Bavaria, railway aficionados have the opportunity to ride historic steam locomotives. Over in Kiel, attendees can witness the future of railway technology firsthand: The new battery-operated train, destined to replace diesel locomotives in Schleswig-Holstein, will be unveiled. This train will recharge its batteries at the innovative DB overhead line islands.

Dr. Richard Lutz, Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Bahn AG, remarks, "We are celebrating the eco-friendly railway as never before. It's essential for preserving our planet for future generations. The demand for rail travel is increasing among individuals and businesses alike, and that's commendable. Rail is the key to achieving our climate objectives."

Besides offering glimpses into the inner workings of signal boxes, marshalling yards, and the ICE plant in Basel, Deutsche Bahn is also using "Rail Day" as a recruitment platform. During the XXL job application days in Düsseldorf and Essen, DB is hosting speed dating sessions — right on board an ICE or regional express train, giving applicants a direct feel of their potential future workplace. Cultural aficionados aren't left out either: the "Station to Station" concert series kicks off at the Oldenburg main station. Additionally, the Rhein-Main S-Bahn is orchestrating a classical concert set within the unique ambiance of the S-Bahn workshop.

Source: Deutsche Bahn