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Frank Sennhenn from DB Netz will open iaf 2022

Frank Sennhenn from DB Netz will open iaf 2022
photo: DB Netz press materials/Frank Sennhenn
24 / 02 / 2022

Frank Sennhenn, Chairman of the Management Board of DB Netz AG, will open the 28th International Exhibition of Track Technology (iaf) with a keynote speech on current topics in track technology at the opening on 31 May 2022.

The VDEI is the organizer of the iaf and is delighted to have such a high-ranking representative of Deutsche Bahn as a speaker. Thomas Mainka, President of VDEI, expressed his appreciation for Sennhenn's attendance, stating that it is a testament to the iaf's excellent reputation among rail industry professionals and exhibitors.

The iaf is the premier global trade fair for track technology and has been widely regarded as such for many years. In recent times, the fair has enabled visitors to register for free via its website. The VDEI is committed to ensuring a safe visit to the iaf and is working diligently to comply with applicable safety regulations, such as the current 3-G rules, in order to do so. Visitor passes will be personalized and linked to relevant certificates such as vaccination, convalescence, or testing records in order to streamline entry procedures.

Additionally, a test center will be established in Hall North throughout the fair, allowing individuals without current certificates to obtain testing and access to the exhibition grounds with negative results. This also enables visitors from outside the European Union who have been vaccinated with a vaccine not approved in the EU to safely attend the fair, as they will be considered unvaccinated. The preparations for the trade fair are well underway, with nearly 115 exhibitors currently registered and the outdoor area and track facilities almost completely booked. While there are still some available stands in the halls, the iaf is shaping up to be a highly anticipated event for industry professionals and exhibitors alike.