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EXCITING: Eurasia Rail and Railways Sector Are to Meet in Istanbul

EXCITING: Eurasia Rail and Railways Sector Are to Meet in Istanbul
photo: Archive/Eurasia Rail and Railways Sector Are to Meet in Istanbul
25 / 01 / 2023

Eurasia Rail International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Exhibition is preparing to host the leading actors of the world’s railway sector in Istanbul from 8 March to 10 March 2023. Having hosted 156 participants from 16 countries and around 8.000 visitors from 45 countries in an area of 7.000 m2 in 2021, Eurasia Rail is now counting down to beat its number of visitors.

Eurasia Rail is to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, and it still is the most important platform that brings together the sector giants and professional visitors under one roof. The exhibition has not only taken the pulse of the sector in Eurasia since 2011 but also brought together the world’s leading railway authorities, improving existing relations and paving the way for new cooperations. 

Both participants and visitors will be able to access detailed information and experts’ opinions about the latest developments in rail transport, challenges that come along with innovations and new technologies as well as possible solutions through the conferences and seminars held during the exhibition.

The Present and Future Status of the Railway Sector to be Discussed at Eurasia Rail

This year, Eurasia Rail is offering an activity program that will be carried out for three days during the exhibition. Accordingly, there will be sessions focusing on cooperation in the sector, international agreements, new generation systems and technologies in means of transport, success stories and marketing strategies.

The start-ups that have marked the sector with augmented reality, autonomous robots, cyber security, 3B print, simulation technologies, BIM and energy efficiency solutions will come together with the sector in the “Techno Entrepreneurs’ Meeting”. The leading actors of the sector, who have field experience, will be making “Innovation Presentations” with a focus on the subjects that are important to sectors such as innovation in transport systems, innovative technologies in R&D investments, new generation vehicles, cyber security, signalisation, risk and data analyses, data management, and passenger experience. “Innovation Presentations” will help to introduce the latest technologies, meet new customers who seek cooperation and provide producers with an opportunity to increase their brand recognition. They will also raise investment awareness among the buyers and professionals in the sector, who will be able to learn about success stories in depth throughout the exhibition.

In this year’s exhibition, companies will have the opportunity to increase their business volume. In fact, within the framework of the Hosted Buyer Program, the exhibition will host more than 200 foreigners from important countries such as Azerbaijan, Canada, Czechia, Egypt, India, Iran, Kosovo, Libya and the United Arab Emirates. A B2B appointment system has been developed to enable participants to network fast and efficiently, connect to the right customers and suppliers and expand their network. This system will help all participants to make appointments with the hosted buyers in advance and then meet them. Last year, over 500 meetings were held between the participants and hosted buyers, and the business volume amounted to 300 million Euros. 

During the fair, the traditional “Rail Master Class Special Exhibition Fair Tour” will be carried out, and the professionals and start-ups of the sector will visit the participants’ stands in the company of technology influencers, following a predetermined thematic framework. They will, thus, have an interactive exhibition experience.

Semi Benbanaste, Eurasia Rail Exhibition Director, underlined that rail systems are becoming more and more important every day, for they are fast, economical, environmentally friendly, safe and modern. Benbanaste made further statements about this year’s Eurasia Rail. “We are preparing to make a great contribution to the rail sector and our country's economy through 2023 Eurasia Rail, which will be held on the 100th anniversary of our Republic, or the signal flare of the Century of Türkiye”, said Benbanaste. 

Pointing out that Türkiye has leapt forward in the high-speed train construction in the last 20 years, Benbanaste informed that the country’s total rail transport network size has jumped to 13 thousand 150 km. He added, “According to the 2053 Transport and Logistics Master Plan shared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in April 2022, our country’s rail network will have reached 28.590 km by 2053. Thus, the railways will have more share in Türkiye’s passenger transportation and haulage. The aim is to increase the annual passenger traffic, which is 19, 5 million now, by 14 times and reach 270 million. As to the haulage, the aim is to increase it from 55 million tons to 448 million tons. At this point, we are proud to be a platform that serves as a meeting point for the actors of the rail sector.”

Source: Eurasia Rail Press Releases