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Eng. Georgi Drumev is the new CEO of BDZ Holding

Eng. Georgi Drumev is the new CEO of BDZ Holding
photo: Eng. Georgi Drumev/Eng. Georgi Drumev
19 / 07 / 2021

The new executive director of BDZ Holding EAD, Eng. Georgi Drumev, took office on July 9. The main priorities in its work are to improve the implementation of the Train Timetable by providing reliable and safe rolling stock and improving the quality of services offered.

Georgi Drumev is a specialist in the field of railways with many years of experience in the system and his professional career passes through positions from operational activities to management positions. He also has managerial experience in commercial companies in the Ministry of Defense. He graduated from Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, majoring in Railway Transport Technology and Organization.

Margarita Petrova-Karidi was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Competitions are currently being held for the election of new members to fill the composition of the Board of Directors of BDZ Holding EAD.