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Destination Nature Award 2023: Celebrating Sustainable Mobility and Tourism

Destination Nature Award 2023: Celebrating Sustainable Mobility and Tourism
photo: Ralf Kranert / DB AG/Destination Nature Award 2023: Celebrating Sustainable Mobility and Tourism
27 / 09 / 2023

The Saxon Switzerland National Park has clinched the Destination Nature Award 2023. This accolade comes in recognition of the park's “mobile guest card” initiative and its ongoing efforts to expand its compelling mobility services, now available for free with the guest card.

The Allgäu High Alps nature reserve also garnered recognition for pioneering mobility through a guest card in Oberstdorf and the on-demand “EMMI mobil” service in Bad Hindelang. Marking a milestone, the Swiss National Park becomes the first non-German natural destination to receive a special prize, celebrated for its mobility on a guest card and outstanding commitment to train travel.

Dr. Richard Lutz, CEO of Deutsche Bahn, stated, “For over two decades, we've showcased how sustainable travel to breathtaking natural landscapes can be achieved. Destination Nature seamlessly melds eco-friendly rail travel with enticing tourism packages, playing a pivotal role in climate preservation and the evolution of transport. Today's honored regions exemplify the allure and feasibility of sustainable rail solutions.”

Olaf Bandt, Chairman of BUND, commented, “Since 2001, our focus has been on green mobility and sustainable tourism in prime natural locales. It's heartening to once again spotlight three Destination Nature regions for their strides in transitioning recreational travel towards eco-friendly and climate-conscious transportation."

Stefanie Berk, Head of Marketing and Sales at DB Long-distance Transport, remarked, “From broadening the bus network to cross-border hiking schedules and the ‘mobile guest card’, the stakeholders in Saxon Switzerland have set commendable benchmarks. The region's unparalleled progress rightfully earned them the Destination Nature Award 2023. Their comprehensive mobility solutions notably inspire a transition to trains and buses. In areas offering the 'mobile guest card', train travel sees a 20% uptake among guests.”

Angelika Bludau, NABU's deputy federal manager, observed, “Post Bad Hindelang, Oberstdorf has extended its overnight guests the privilege of complimentary mobility via a guest card. Furthermore, Bad Hindelang amplifies its commendable bus services with the on-demand 'EMMI mobil' feature. These two electrically-powered, on-call buses present guests and locals with a comfortable, adaptive, and eco-conscious way to discover the region.”

VCD Federal Chairman Matthias Kurzeck stated, “The public mobility initiatives of the Rhaetian Railway and PostBus are paragons. Moreover, the Swiss National Park stands as a pivotal inspiration for Destination Nature in Switzerland, having played an instrumental role in founding Destination Nature in Graubünden.”

This year marks the eighth presentation of the Destination Nature Award. For the inaugural time, the ceremony will be integrated into Deutsche Bahn's Sustainability Forum. The Destination Nature collaboration is backed by leading environmental groups BUND, NABU, and VCD, along with Deutsche Bahn. Together, alongside 24 Destination Nature regions, they champion the amalgamation of sustainable tourism with green mobility. Regions showcasing exceptional prowess in this sphere are awarded the Destination Nature Award for their standout projects. The victor is graced with a communications package worth 25,000 euros, inclusive of media services from the four collaborators.

Source: Deutsche Bahn