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Decarbonization! The first day of EXPO Ferroviaria 2021

Decarbonization! The first day of EXPO Ferroviaria 2021
photo: EXPO Ferroviaria/ The first day of EXPO Ferroviaria 2021
28 / 09 / 2021

The first day of EXPO Ferroviaria 2021 took place under the incredibly excellent organization of the Mack-Brooks Exhibitions team.

The opening ceremony was attended by Trenitalia CEO Luigi Corradi, General Manager for Infrastructure, Transport and Sustainable Mobility of the Lombardy Region Aldo Colombo, FNM President Andrea Gibelli, Trenord CEO Marco Piuri, Assifer President Giuseppe Gaudiello and Mario Virano TELT CEO.

Olaf Freier, Director of EXPO Ferroviaria and the Transport Portfolio of Mack-Brooks Exhibitions, comments: “EXPO Ferroviaria, especially with this release, is demonstrating its strong position and recognition in the Italian railway sector. This is where the industry meets to exchange ideas. on the environment, sustainability, passenger and network safety and infrastructure - and to guide the development of the Italian railway industry. This year for the first time also on the topic of tunnels. " 

Thanks to a cooperation arrangement with the Italian Tunnelling Society (SIG), EXPO Ferroviaria 2021 includes an opportunity for companies involved in constructing and equipping tunnels and underground spaces.

A welcome speech also came from the Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini: “Expo Ferroviaria opens this year under the banner of the decarbonization strategy dictated by the European Commission and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which aims to implement it to make our country more resilient. and are resilient to future shocks and resilient to the impact of the climate crisis. Caring for iron, innovation, technology - these are recurring terms today when solving issues related to the quality of life of people, increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, respecting the environment, and bridging the infrastructure gap between different regions of the country.

In Pnrr's green and digital transformation projects, iron processing in favor of modality change plays a leading role, with an estimated 2.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide savings annually. Investments in these projects are significant: € 25 billion for high-speed and high-performance rail lines, including Salerno-Reggio Calabria, Naples-Bari, Palermo-Catania-Messina, € 5.5 billion for the modernization of regional railways. networks and electrification, 3 billion for the modernization of railway junctions, 700 million for the plan of the station in the south.

Also reminded are investments in upgrading local public transport trains, intercity trains and upgrading rolling stock for the transport of goods.

With 188 exhibitors from 14 countries, Expo Ferroviaria 2021 is an important event to facilitate meeting and comparing the new mobility needs of people and goods that the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has also highlighted in all its relevance and the tools that the latest generation technologies can offer to satisfy them. "