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Debate: Railway climate neutrality – is it possible in Poland ?

Debate: Railway climate neutrality – is it possible in Poland ?
photo: PKP Intercity/Debate: Railway climate neutrality – is it possible in Poland ?
23 / 09 / 2021

The Gdansk trade fair TRAKO is not only a fair with a wide number of presentations and company stands, but also a fair with a rich program. Various conferences, debates or seminars take place during this event. Yesterday, the Railway climate neutrality – is it possible in Poland?

The choice of train as a means of transport is of great importance to the environment. The railway is characterised by more than 3 times lower CO2 emissions than road transport and more than 8 times lower CO2 emissions than air transport. Railways are therefore the most environmentally friendly means of public transport.

If more than 21.6 million people chose PKP Intercity trains from the beginning of January to the end of August this year, carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere would be 394,000 tons lower, but instead they would use cars. Moreover, this year's rail transport with the national carrier enabled 18% more emission savings than in the same period a year ago .

''Today we can speak with certainty about a fundamental qualitative and ecological leap in Polish railways. Thoughtful investments that have been made for several years, including the "PKP Intercity - Great Investment Railway" programme, are contributing to the fact that travelers in Poland are increasingly willing to choose rail travel. It's for the benefit of the environment. From the environmentally friendly solution for the construction and modernization of railway stations by PKP S.A., to PKP Intercity's record investments in modern rolling stock and locomotives, to the offer of PKP Mobility for travellers. It is very encouraging that our national carrier is active in this area and has a concrete plan for the coming years'' - noted Maciej Małecki, State Secretary of the Ministry of State Property.