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Day Three of Transport Logistic Fair Concludes: A Spotlight on Innovation and Sustainability

Day Three of Transport Logistic Fair Concludes: A Spotlight on Innovation and Sustainability
photo: RAILTARGET/Day Three of Transport Logistic Fair Concludes: A Spotlight on Innovation and Sustainability
11 / 05 / 2023

The third day of the international trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management, transport logistic, wrapped up successfully. The fair, having welcomed around 2,300 exhibitors from 67 countries, has been a vibrant hub of innovation and discussion. With 127,000 square meters of exhibition space spread over ten halls and outdoor areas, the event has been more international and expansive than ever before.

Day three of the transport logistic 2023 trade fair in Munich saw Siemens Mobility and FS Italiane Group, alongside its subsidiary TX Logistik AG, sign a €300 million contract for the delivery and 15-year service of 40 Vectron locomotives. These digitally connected locomotives, set for deployment in freight transport across five countries on the Rhine-Alps corridor, are designed for predictive maintenance with the Railigent X application, ensuring high reliability and optimal vehicle availability. Notably, Siemens Mobility has already sold over 1,700 Vectron locomotives, covering more than 700 million kilometres across 20 European countries.

Another highlight of the day was the signing of a contract between Innofreight and K+S for the delivery of an additional 60 2×40 ft InnoWaggons and 120 SurfaceWaterTanks. K+S, the German mining company, has been utilizing these containers since 2020 for transporting saline water and has largely transitioned to Innofreight equipment. The deal underscores the rising demand for Innofreight's customized SurfaceWaterTanks, which are optimized for capacity payload per double wagon. Innofreight also announced its investment in the expansion of a professional wagon workshop in Vacha, Germany, near the K+S plant Werra, to facilitate the maintenance of the wagons and containers.

In the Campus Plaza in Hall B2, start-ups and established companies have been showcasing their solutions and innovations with an emphasis on sustainability and alternative drives. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) is also hosting a guest pavilion in Hall A3, featuring 17 innovative IT/telematics, e-commerce, and telecommunications companies.

Recapping the highlights from the previous days, the opening ceremony saw the Federal Minister of Transport, Dr. Volker Wissing, addressing key German transport issues, including plans for the swift modernization of the rail network and an overhaul of the toll system. The second day marked Dr. Sigrid Nikutta's ascension to the chair of the Rail Freight Forward initiative and the launch of DB Schenker's Circular Economy Logistics product line, emphasizing the fair's overarching themes of digital transformation and sustainability.

As we conclude the third day, the transport logistic fair continues to serve as an essential platform for stakeholders in the logistics and transport sectors, offering valuable insights and fostering discussions on future developments. The RAILTARGET editorial team, stationed at stand 124 in Hall B5, will continue to bring the latest updates and interviews from top managers in the railway sector. With one more day of the fair to go, there's still much to look forward to.