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Day One Wrap-Up: Transport Logistic 2023 in Munich

Day One Wrap-Up: Transport Logistic 2023 in Munich
photo: RAILTARGET/Day One Wrap-Up: Transport Logistic 2023 in Munich
09 / 05 / 2023

The highly anticipated transport logistic fair commenced officially in Munich, ushering in a new era of innovation and growth in the sector.

The opening ceremony was marked by a significant speech by the Federal Minister for Transport and Digitalisation, Volker Wissing. His address focused on the paramount issues of German transport, particularly the modernisation of the rail network. Wissing emphasized the strategic shift in repairing and upgrading rail corridors, which will see entire corridors closed for swift, comprehensive modernisation post-construction preparation from next year. In a span of five months, the corridors will undergo repair, modernisation, digitisation, and the implementation of ETCS security. Wissing also unveiled plans for an extension and reform of the toll system in Germany, with the tolls extending to vans over 3.5 t (excluding registered craftsmen's cars), and an overhaul of the toll system, basing it primarily on CO2 emissions.

As the largest railway and logistics fair of the year, Transport Logistic Fair is already making waves, with RAILTARGET taking centre stage with its own interview studio at Stand 124 in Hall B5, in partnership with the Czech Chamber of Commerce. The studio is set to feature a series of interviews with top managers in the sector, promising an insightful and engaging experience for all attendees. With around 2,300 participants from 67 countries, this year's edition is the most international one yet, spanning ten halls and outdoor spaces across an expansive area of 127,000 square meters.

As the fair unfolds until May 12, 2023, attendees and stakeholders can look forward to continued coverage and updates from RAILTARGET's dedicated editorial team, bringing the latest developments from the event right to you.