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"DAC Is a Very Demanding Technology That's Right Up Our Alley," Says AMiT CEO Aleš Krutina

&quote;DAC Is a Very Demanding Technology That's Right Up Our Alley,&quote; Says AMiT CEO Aleš Krutina
photo: RAILTARGET/Aleš Krutina
23 / 11 / 2023

RAILTARGET presents an interview with the CEO of AmiT, Aleš Krutina. In this conversation, Krutina shares his vision for the future of the railway sector, his thoughts on Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC), and AmiT's future focus areas.

Mr. Krutina, welcome to our interview studio at the TRAKO trade fair in Gdansk, Poland. You've been the director of AMiT for about a year, having assumed this role in the autumn of 2022. Although initially aiming for a more scientific path, you've gained extensive experience across the industry, both in the Czech Republic and internationally. What direction do you see AMiT heading in the coming years?

Looking at AMiT's 30-year journey, it's a fascinating story that began in a Prague garage and has led us to one of this year's most significant exhibitions in Gdansk at TRAKO. During this time, any company established on the fringes of railway electronics goes through a revolution every five years. We are currently seeking the next revolution, and we see potential in several areas. One key area is digitalization, and another is cybersecurity. These are two strong themes that we will definitely explore and address at AMiT. As someone passionate about products and innovation, I also focus on developing new, innovative solutions, like the digital display in glass we're presenting today at TRAKO.

From your perspective, what is the future of the railway sector, particularly regarding modern technology and digitalization?

The railway sector has been traditionally conservative, but this is gradually changing. It often follows trends verified in heavy industry before adopting them. We're seeing these trends manifest in our part of the railway business with new communication standards and technologies that customers demand. For instance, Wi-Fi 6 is a special focus. These trends require us to adapt quickly, as the industry's response time is becoming increasingly shorter.

Regarding Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC), a topic of significant interest for rail operators, how do you see its potential implementation, and what are your thoughts on this technology?

DAC is indeed a complex topic, eliciting strong emotions. Predicting the outcome of this initiative is difficult. However, we're keen to be involved, despite the technological challenges we might not yet have solutions for. How DAC will be implemented in Europe remains to be seen, but as it involves high-value technology, it is of great interest to us.

Could you talk about your activities at the fair and mention some of your Polish clients, given that we're at TRAKO in Poland?

Poland is among our top five markets, and we've established cooperation with significant Polish companies like PKP, Newag, and PESA. We're in discussions for new projects and are already implementing some with these companies.

Your portfolio is impressive, and I believe your presence here at the fair will further strengthen AMiT's position in the Polish market. I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you very much.