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CZ LOKO is organizing the second year of the Technical Conference. The top of Czech railways will perform on it.

CZ LOKO is organizing the second year of the Technical Conference.  The top of  Czech railways will perform on it.
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24 / 05 / 2021

The second year of the CZ LOKO Technical Conference will take place online. The top Czech railway sector will be among the panelists. For example, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo Tomáš Tóth, the Director of the Drážní úřad, Jiří Kolář or the General Director of the Správa železnic Jiří Svoboda. Josef Gulyás, CEO of CZ LOKO, will also be present.

The technical conference will take place on May 27, 2021 between 9-11 am.  The event will be moderated by Ondřej Kubala, a former spokesman for České Dráhy, who currently works as a consultant at Ewing PR.

In addition to well-known names, the Technical Conference offers a number of interesting topics that will be discussed.  The first part of the conference will deal with the future of railways.  For example, current trends on railways or the demands of hauliers on rolling stock manufacturers will be discussed.  Ecology will be a big topic that also moves the global railway sector.  However, the discussants will also focus on the infrastructure or implementation of the ETCS security system.

The second part of the conference will focus on the revolutionary year on the railways.  The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will be discussed.  The conference organizer, CZ LOKO, will also present its visions for the future.  CZ LOKO will present a unique Virtual depot project.  This innovative project will be a big surprise for all conference participants and its imaginary golden nail.

"We are very pleased that opinions from all spheres of the railway will meet at the conference, and we are glad that CZ LOKO can contribute to the solution of a number of important issues by organizing the conference.  I am proud that the CZ LOKO conference unites the Czech railway sector and creates a neutral space for the meetings of all participating panelists, "said Josef Gulyás, CEO of CZ LOKO, for Rail Target.

This year, CZ LOKO is organizing the second year of the Technical Conference, which has become an integral part of the Czech railway area.  This conference allows experts from various sectors of the railway industry to meet with top managers of large companies and key figures in the field of legislation and infrastructure.  That is why this conference is a huge benefit for the Czech Railways.  The company CZ LOKO, as its regular organizer, wants to provoke a professional discussion and really address important topics that go hand in hand with world trends.


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