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CPK invites everyone to an online meeting. What will it be about?

CPK invites everyone to an online meeting. What will it be about?
photo: Centralny Port Komunikacyjny/CPK invites everyone to an online meeting. What will it be about?
14 / 06 / 2022

The investor's variant and alternative variants of the Solidarity Port, the accompanying investments such as the railroad junction, roads or power lines, as well as the commencement of public consultations before applying a decision on environmental conditions are, among others, the topics that will be discussed during a remote meeting organised by the CPK company for the residents. The meeting will start on Today, June 14th, at 4 pm.

From the beginning, the company Centralny Port Komunikacyjny puts emphasis on an intensive dialogue with the local community and invites you to another meeting in the online formula. The first two events were addressed primarily to the residents of the communes of Baranów, Teresin and Wiskitki and concerned the area of the preferred location of the Solidarity Port and the conditions for the acquisition of real estate. They were attended by about 400 people, who asked a total of 350 questions, to which the CPK company provided answers (directly during the meeting, by e-mail to the addresses of individual participants, and in the form of a letter to residents).

This time due to the broader subject matter the company invites the residents of 11 communes: Baranów, Teresin, Wiskitki, Jaktorów, Sochaczew, Żyrardów, Błonie, Mszczonów, Nowa Sucha, Radziejowice and Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

The form of online meetings is conducive to the transfer of substantive information and comprehensive answers to questions. This time we will talk primarily about the investor's variant and alternative variants for the location of the Central Railway Port. The meeting will be attended by experts who will talk, among other things, about the scope and environmental conditions of the CPK. The second part will discuss the process of voluntary public consultations, which will precede the submission of an application for a decision on environmental conditions," says Katarzyna Dobrońska, Director of the Office for Relations with the Environment in CPK. 

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 14, at 4:00 p.m. The expected duration is two hours. The event will be held in an online format. Everyone interested will be able to listen to the experts and submit their questions. To attend, simply register at In the return message, registered participants will receive a link to participate in the event.


Source: CPK Press Releases