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Conference in Poland: Modernization of Lines and New Technologies

Conference in Poland: Modernization of Lines and New Technologies
photo: KRT / Public domain/Conference hall Hotel Moderno
28 / 05 / 2024

A major conference on the future of rail transport in Poland is to be held in Poznan. RAILTARGET, as a media partner, will cover the event.

On June 5, the top conference of the Polish railway industry will be held in Poznan. It will focus on the changes planned by the Polish government, the management of Polish state railway companies, and the railway industry.

Organizers from the railway portal have prepared a programme that will focus on the future of EU funding for railway projects, a discussion on railway infrastructure in Poland, the preparation of high-speed rail projects in Central Europe, and the economic problems of railway operators.

"We will discuss the state of rail infrastructure, including the modernization of existing lines, the construction of new routes, and the management of the rail network. Concerning rolling stock, we will discuss the possibilities of adapting existing vehicles to new infrastructure standards and the construction of completely new vehicles. We will devote time to look at the latest developments and technologies in rolling stock and the economic efficiency of vehicles," the organizers specify the course of the conference on their website.