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Christmas railway movies, what to watch? Polar Express!

Christmas railway movies, what to watch? Polar Express!
photo: Express
26 / 12 / 2021

The themes of the railway are an integral part of the winter Christmas atmosphere. Trains are often associated with Christmas traditions. Every year we can see the scenery of trains crashing through the snow. Many of the Christmas movies incorporate railroads into their scenes, with train models being historically one of the most popular Christmas gifts.

One of the most famous films is the legendary Polar Express. The American-produced animated film was released in 2004 and starred actor Tom Hanks. The plot revolves around a Christmas train called the Polar Express. Santa Claus's own train will show up exactly at Christmas and will be able to travel all over the world to the North Pole, where Santa himself lives. Throughout the film, we get to know almost the entire train through and through. Originally, the slow road becomes a frantic ride full of twists and turns, but the whole story ended with success and a saved Christmas.