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CER opens a TEN-T exhibition in the European Parliament

CER opens a TEN-T exhibition in the European Parliament
photo: CER/Left to right: Clemens Först (ÖBB Rail Cargo Group), MEP Isabel García Munoz, Jirí Svoboda (SZCZ), MEP Dominique Riquet, Alberto Mazzola (CER), Herald Ruijters (European Commission) and Luigi Corradi (Trenitalia)
14 / 10 / 2022

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) recently held an event titled “The track to a successful TEN-T for a sustainably connected Europe" in Brussels.

The revision of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) regulation is currently underway, with railways playing a crucial role in the green transition and decarbonization of transport.

The proposed changes to the TEN-T regulation aim to achieve ambitious infrastructure targets with three deadlines: 2030 for the Core Network, 2040 for the extended core Network, and 2050 for the Comprehensive Network. While the CER supports the proposed changes, it calls for sufficient financing and a High-speed Masterplan.

The CER also calls for further improvements to the text-making proposals, including the P/C 400 loading gauge to a predefined list of rail freight routes in the core network, flexibility in decommissioning ERTMS class B systems, and mixed speeds for passenger services. The policy debate focused on infrastructure investments, competitive rail freight and passenger services, and technical solutions such as ERTMS.

The exhibition showcased major infrastructure projects and developments in rail passenger and freight services. The event marked an important step in the sustainable development of the European rail network, but further financing is required to support the decarbonization of transport.