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Capturing TRAKO: A Visual Journey Through the Fair's Highlights

Capturing TRAKO: A Visual Journey Through the Fair's Highlights
photo: RAILTARGET/Capturing TRAKO: A Visual Journey Through the Fair's Highlights
27 / 09 / 2023

The RAILTARGET team offers a glimpse into the most captivating moments of the TRAKO fair. Curious about which presentations, booths, conferences, or meetings stood out? Dive into our photo gallery.

Official TRAKO Fair Inauguration

The fair's inauguration was a grand affair graced by leaders of the Polish railway sector, including Transport Minister Andrzej Adamczyk. Notable attendees included Krzysztof Malinowski from the PKP group and Andreas Matthä, the head of Austrian Railways. Esteemed European transport sector leaders, such as Alberto Mazzola (CER), Carlo Borghini (former ERJU head), and Jan Doppelbauer, also marked their presence.

Spotlight on Railway Administration

The Railway Administration showcased Czech high-speed rail lines at its booth. This marked SŽ's debut standalone presentation at such a significant international fair. The Director-General of the Railway Administration, Jiří Svoboda, was on hand. He shared with our team about his packed itinerary of meetings and discussions during the event. One of the marquee meetings involved Albert Mazzola, CER's executive director.

Digital Automatic Coupler Conference

The fair's inaugural morning featured a discourse centered on the digital automatic coupler. Speakers included Petr Jindra, an international relations specialist from ČD Cargo, and Giorgio Travaini, the executive director of Europe's Rail.

Unveiling the Vectron MS Locomotive

Siemens Mobility proudly showcased the Vectron MS locomotive and subsequently handed it to their client.

Budimex's Grand Display

Budimex made a significant splash at TRAKO with an expansive booth, making it the most prominent company showcasing railway infrastructure. Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic, Martin Kupka, highlighted Poland's achievements: "In the past decade, Poland has constructed 2,800 kilometers of highways." He stressed that unless the Czech Republic accelerates its infrastructure development, it will lag behind its neighbors. Poland's approach in securing substantial EU financial aids for infrastructure projects serves as an inspiration. The Czech Republic must emulate Poland's prowess in negotiations to secure the best deals and maximum funding, noted Transport Minister Terezia Tománková while discussing Poland's influence in the sector.