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Budimex Partners with Litomyšl Conference to Discuss Future of Czech High-Speed Rail

Budimex Partners with Litomyšl Conference to Discuss Future of Czech High-Speed Rail
photo: Rzeczpospolita / Public domain//Budimex
15 / 05 / 2024

Budimex, a leading construction and infrastructure company, was one of the main partners at the 18th Annual Transport Infrastructure Conference held in Litomyšl on May 14-15, 2024.

The conference took place at the historic Zámecký pivovar, bringing together industry leaders to discuss the future of transportation infrastructure in the Czech Republic. The event featured 36 presentations across six thematic blocks, along with a discussion panel.

The program was divided into several key blocks. On Tuesday, the sessions covered legislation, execution, financing of transport infrastructure, strategic tasks, and urban mobility. The discussions included the ten-year development plan for transport infrastructure in the Czech Republic, funding priorities, and strategic objectives for road and rail authorities. The focus on sustainable urban mobility, new legislation for accelerating construction permits, and the experience of high-speed rail preparation in Poland were also highlighted.

Today's sessions, particularly Block 5 and Block 6, centered on transport infrastructure with an emphasis on the preparation of high-speed rail projects. These blocks provided updates on the current status of pilot segments, aligning closely with Budimex's expertise and interest considering that, as a company with a great deal of experience in high-speed rail preparation and construction, Budimex is now committed to participating in the design and construction of high-speed rail (HSR) lines in the Czech Republic.

"We are eager to contribute to the high-speed rail projects in the Czech Republic," said Rafal Zahuta, project manager at Budimex. "We've got a lot of experience from handling big railway projects in Poland and working on the Rail Baltica line in Latvia. We've got the equipment and the people needed to get the job done so we are excited to help build the high-speed rail infrastructure in the Czech Republic."

Along with Budimex, the conference partners included prominent organizations such as the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, Czech Railways, and Czech Railway Administration, underscoring the collaborative effort to advance the nation's transport infrastructure.


Source: RAILTARGET, Konference Dopravní infrastruktura