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Bridging Innovation and Railways: PKP Intercity Launches '#IC2030' Competition

Bridging Innovation and Railways: PKP Intercity Launches '#IC2030' Competition
photo: PKP Intercity/Bridging Innovation and Railways: PKP Intercity Launches '#IC2030' Competition
21 / 03 / 2023

PKP Intercity has launched the 'Railway to Science - #IC2030' competition, targeting university students, academic staff, and employees of research and development units, including those part of start-ups. The competition aims to encourage participants to share their innovative ideas for addressing challenges related to PKP Intercity's investment and development strategy. The top three projects will receive financial prizes.

The competition seeks project initiatives that propose innovative solutions in line with PKP Intercity's strategic tasks. Topics include the use of artificial intelligence in passenger rail transport, promoting rail as the most eco-friendly form of collective transport, improving convenience and safety, and enhancing the ticket purchasing experience. Participants must submit their complete competition dossier by 15 May 2023.

Projects will be evaluated based on criteria such as substantive consistency, the benefits offered by the implementation of the proposed solution, innovativeness, originality, environmental and social impact, scalability, and implementation cost. The willingness to collaborate with PKP Intercity on the project will also be considered.

Tomasz Gontarz, a Member of the PKP Intercity Management Board, highlighted the importance of tapping into the creativity and capabilities of Polish academics and young people. He emphasized that the competition offers an opportunity not only to win prizes but to have a tangible impact on the Polish railway system. The submitted projects will be assessed by a jury composed of PKP Intercity representatives, with the results announced in June.

PKP Intercity is committed to fostering cooperation with Polish universities to harness the potential of the scientific community and students. The company has signed agreements with the Cracow University of Technology, Wroclaw and Warsaw Universities of Technology, and the Leon Kozminski Academy to facilitate internships, student placements, study visits, specialized lectures, courses, training, and joint research and development projects. The collaboration also aims to develop dual fields of study, specializations, and the promotion of eco-friendly travel.