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A conference on the "Future of railways – Railways of the Future" will take place in Budapest

A conference on the &quote;Future of railways – Railways of the Future&quote; will take place in Budapest
photo: Railways of the Future/Railways of the Future
13 / 10 / 2021

From 16 to 18 November, the fifth conference on "The Future of railways – Railways of the Future" will take place in Budapest. The event is held every other year to discuss the present day of rail transport and aims to support its future development and creates a field for the exchange of views between different professional disciplines.

The creation of a secure, modern, and integrated rail network, which can increase the competitiveness of rail transport, remains one of the European Union's top priorities. As increasing the use of railways means additional challenges for rail professionals across Europe, the rail industry needs to strive for competitive development. These objectives receive support through a wealth of funding. The purpose of the organization of the European International Railway Conference is to contribute to the efficient use of these funds.

At the same time with the three-day innovation conference, there will also be an exhibition of hundreds of square meters, where exhibitors can purchase an exhibition space or set up stalls measuring 6-9-12-18 m2. In addition to a useful program for participants, the organizers want to provide exhibitors with a demonstration and network space that is ideal for connecting or conducting relaxed professional discussions.


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