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ZSSK Cargo helps war-affected Ukraine with fuel deliveries

ZSSK Cargo helps war-affected Ukraine with fuel deliveries
photo: ZSSK Cargo/ZSSK Cargo helps war-affected Ukraine with fuel deliveries
19 / 08 / 2022

The Slovak carrier ZSSK Cargo is helping war-affected Ukraine like its Czech counterpart, ČD Cargo. Its main import commodity is fuel.

The war-affected Ukraine is plagued by many problems, one of them being the fuel shortage. It lost its main refinery during the war with Russia and its satellite Belarus. It provided 40% of the fuel for the entire Ukrainian state. The usual flows from the east and north have also stopped, along with the naval blockade going full blast.

It leaves Ukraine with very few options for transporting fuel into its country. It used to be able to import only 5% of its total fuel consumption from EU countries, but now it is 100%. ZSSK Cargo has, therefore, stepped up fuel deliveries along the primary transport axis through Slovakia.

As a result, fuel from EU countries can travel smoothly to the border, where it is transhipped either at the liquid transhipment point in Čierna nad Tisou or Trebišov. The trains consist of 21-28 tank cars, which weigh an impressive 1200-1500 tonnes. These giants are thus helping to supply Ukraine and assist it in its fight against the Russian aggressor. It is also worth mentioning that ZSSK Cargo, as one of the railway carriers of the Czechoslovak scene, has added its signature to the Vienna Declaration, which we informed you about here.