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VTG has expanded its collaboration with Nexxiot. 3000 wagons are equipped with temperature sensors

VTG has expanded its collaboration with Nexxiot. 3000 wagons are equipped with temperature sensors
photo: wagon
04 / 12 / 2020

Since December, VTG has been using Nexxiot temperature sensors on 3,000 wagons. The sensors are used to monitor the real condition of the goods, which is sensitive to temperature during transport.

Nexxiot sensors monitor some basic data on VTG railway vehicles. Specifically, it is the temperature of the tank, heating system and outlet. The acquired data is further processed and consolidated in the Nexxiot Connect cloud. Detailed analyzes will then be available to customers on the VTG traigo platform. If there is a temperature change, all authorized participants will be notified via the system. In real time, measures can be taken to prevent temperature fluctuations.

VTG is aware that some transported loads are not usable even after small temperature changes. Therefore, the company wants to provide its customers with complete documentation during transport. This applies in particular to valuable chemicals and other temperature-sensitive goods from, for example, the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

For VTG, this project is a great opportunity, especially in terms of transport transparency and also quality management. Monitoring the temperature of the transported cargo should thus become part of normal daily work.

"Digitizing our entire fleet is a high priority for us. Only the generation, processing and intelligent use of data allows us to offer our customers the transparency they need to make the right decisions. Nexxiot supports us in this as a strategic partner," said Peter Töpfer, VTG's main project manager.

Nexxiot is following modern sensor technologies. Thanks to them, efficiency and utility are increased, and waste is prevented. The sensors use solar energy. Thanks to ATEX / IECEc and HazLoc certifications, Nexxiot devices meet high demands for environments with an increased risk of explosion. In addition to the already mentioned temperature sensors, the company also offers sensors measuring the weight of the car, or sensors designed for predictive maintenance of the condition of the wheelsets.

 VTG is one of the pioneers of modern technologies on the railway. Thanks to new monitoring sensors, digitization in this area is moving one step further. Customers are offered transparent data on transport and the level of customer service is significantly increased