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Ukrainian Railways save Ukrainian Food Exports

Ukrainian Railways save Ukrainian Food Exports
photo: Ukrainian Railways press materials/Ukrainian Railways save Ukrainian Food Exports
08 / 03 / 2022

Russia's illegal military aggression has led to the seaports' closure, which Ukraine used to export agricultural products to consumers worldwide. This situation causes problems not only for Ukraine. The share of Ukrainian grain on the world market is 11%, the share of sunflower oil - is 55%.

Every tenth loaf of bread in the world is baked from Ukrainian grain. The war against Ukraine threatens the world with food shortages.

To prevent the global food crisis and save Ukrainian exports, JSC Ukrainian railways is ready to organize agricultural products delivery by rail urgently.

The logistics of grain delivery to the border with Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland are already being worked out, from where the grain will be delivered to ports and logistics hubs of European countries.

In particular, the Ukrzaliznytsia team is working on logistics routes that will allow grain delivery through the following crossings:

 - in the direction of Romania:

Reni Station (capacity 87 carriages per day),

Giurgiuleşti Station (capacity 5 carriages per day),

Izmail station (capacity 18 carriages per day),

Vadul-Siret Station (capacity 40 carriages per day);

 - in the direction of Poland:

Maciejów Station (capacity of 20 carriages per day),

Mostyska-2 station (capacity 25 carriages per day),

 - in the direction of Hungary:

Batyovo station (capacity 17 carriages per day);

 - in the direction of Hungary and Slovakia:

Chop station (capacity 20 carriages per day),

Mukachevo station (capacity of 10 carriages per day),

Esen station (capacity 30 carriages per day).