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TŽV Gredelj's is firmly on its feet: Tatravagonka pay 45 million euros

TŽV Gredelj's is firmly on its feet: Tatravagonka pay 45 million euros
photo: TŽV Gredelj/TŽV Gredelj's is firmly on its feet
08 / 09 / 2021

The largest bankruptcy procedure in Croatia in terms of the number of creditors is being successfully completed - the bankruptcy procedure for the Janko Grredej railway vehicle manufacturing plant, which was opened in 2012 at the suggestion of the then management, and creditors will receive payments within 15 days. The strategic investor, the Slovak company Tatravagonka, paid for the auctioned amount of 45 million euros, the bankruptcy trustee Tomislav Zhurichin confirmed to our colleagues from Poslovni dnevnik.

A few months ago, the Slovaks began leasing factories, of which, according to the Slovak entrepreneur Ivan Petríček, co-owner, and member of the Tatravagonka supervisory board, they plan to supply 210 freight cars by the end of the year.

This Slovak company is a respectable international company with almost 100 years of experience and, together with other companies owned by it, employs over 12,000 people worldwide.

“The wide range of production programs of the strategic investor, covering all segments of the rail vehicle production, is the best proof that Gredel is becoming a member of an elite society that can satisfy all the needs of customers in rail vehicles.

This is confirmed by the fact that Tatravagonka produces about 4,000 freight cars and 10,000 bogies annually and is one of the most important manufacturers of freight rail cars and pedestals in Europe,” says Zhurichin.

TZV Gredelj, founded in 1894 as the main workshop of the Hungarian State Railways for the repair and inspection of steam locomotives, is today one of the leading companies in the region in the design and manufacture of new types of rail transport, as well as reconstruction. , modernization and maintenance of all types of rail transport.