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Traction access charges expected in 2022 got revealed by Hungarian MÁV.

Traction access charges expected in 2022 got revealed by Hungarian MÁV.
photo: Archives/Railway
23 / 12 / 2021

Following previous speculations, the company wants to state that on Friday, December 15, the company received an email from Metrans regarding railway services provided by railway operators in Hungary and via Hungary.

The company decided to publish the translated English version on their website.

MÁV notices that these circumstances are inappropriate and catastrophic for the railway industry. The examination of the effect of this announcement is still under negotiation with the Hungarian government, and they are without any further information now. Therefore, the company has to give the clients the announcement of a 300% increase and a notice, also based on the predicted further increase of traction Energy prices in Hungary.

This announcement affects the following traffic:

-All traffic to and from Hungary

-All trains are involved to/from the Adriatic, all dedicated services connected to Hungary with departure or arrival by rail

-All traffic routed via Hungary

-All trains are involved routed via Hungary as a transit country – unfortunately, along with this, all European destinations are involved, e.g. on the connection line to/from the Adriatic

-All traffic via Budapest Csepel Terminal (also from Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Duisburg)

-All empty repositioning/depot feeding via rail to and from/in transit via Hungary