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Tim Rail Cargo, freight services in Romania

Tim Rail Cargo, freight services in Romania
photo: Rail Cargo
24 / 05 / 2021

Tim Rail Cargo Company represents a private rail transport operator and forwarder, since 2013, which offers a wide range of freight services in Romania and abroad, such as:

- Transport of goods on railway lines or on the industrial railway lines

- Integrated solutions to rail and multimodal freight transport

-Traction rail services on the Romanian stations , but also external, in Stamora Moravita – Vrsac         Srbija; Curtici/ Valea lui Mihai – Hungary;  Giurgiu/ Ruse – Bulgaria; Golenti – Vidin.

- Rental of locomotives when you already have the freight wagons

-Integrated solutions for grain transport and also transfer between road transportation to rail transportation.

In order to provide services of the highest quality, we use wagons and locomotives modernized and properly equipped, based on the nationally and internationally recognized quality standards regarding rail freight. Thus, our fleet consists of a number of 545 wagons and a number of 23 locomotives of which 13 electric locomotives, 9 diesel-electric locomotives, and one diesel-hydraulic locomotive.  For the time being, we have ongoing discussions with several companies in order to increase our fleet.

The infrastructure together with our competent and professional staff allow us to transport any cargo in Romania and abroad, from grain or raw sugar, up to bitumen and petroleum products anywhere is railway access.