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The Bombardier launched the digitization of the signaling

The Bombardier launched the digitization of the signaling
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05 / 11 / 2020

As the part of the introduction of new technologies, company Bombardier focused on digitizing the signaling. The Bombardier EBI Sense digital service is intended for predictive maintenance of security systems. It combines three basic elements. Bombardier's experience in railway management, advanced analysis and advantages of modern digital devices. This service enables more efficient maintenance management.

The EBI Sense is a suitable system for widely distributed railway systems with a large number of track equipment. For example, track circuits and point machines. It combines networking (loT) with cloud machine learning and uses secure data collection. Everything is complemented by an analytical module for predicting equipment failures and maintenance planning.

Customers who would like to use The EBI Sense will pay for this service in the form of a subscription. This will give Bombardier return of its investment in the new technology. Customers, on the other hand, will be able to predict in advance the costs that the use of the service will bring.

The EBI Sense technology has unique brake sensors, native cloud systems and flexible web interfaces. These features allow this system to be connected quickly without disrupting normal operation. The main advantage of the system is cost predictability. The system also offers the target user an intuitive interface and means a significant simplification of the workflow.

Mr. Richard Hunter, President of Rail Control Solutions at Bombardier Transportation, told the media: “The launch of our innovative cloud predictive signal maintenance service is a transformational step to realize the benefits of digitization for rail performance. Developed by a combination of technology and expertise combined with the latest exciting digital activators, EBI Sense is a true reflection of our commitment to constantly innovate and add value to our customers throughout their system lifecycle. "

The EBI Sense system was developed in Sweden by Bombardier's Rail Control Solutions service team. This company has long-term experience with railway innovations. Bombardier pioneered the first computer switches and automated train control systems. The EBI Sense system is thus another innovative step in Bombardier OptiFlo's railway control services.