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Terminal Záhony: A huge occasion for the whole of Hungary to transport the New Silk Road

Terminal Záhony: A huge occasion for the whole of Hungary to transport the New Silk Road
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11 / 11 / 2021

A new container terminal is being built at the Záhony transshipment depot in Hungary, which will be equipped to offer comprehensive rail system services. This should include, for example, a logistics transshipment point, but also the construction of an industrial park. This huge project is being completed within the CELIZ program. In Záhony, however, it is not just a question of building a new transshipment depot as such, but of turning trains from China in this direction.

This was also directly validated by Norbert Csomós, CEO of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation Kft. The CELIZ program has been included in a tight selection of priority cooperation projects between China and Hungary. Norbert Csomós stated that as many as ten thousand Chinese companies were approached in the search for market opportunities. The current situation on Belarus - Polish border will help to further develop the transshipment plans in Záhony.

"The development of railway infrastructure, which is to be implemented within the CELIZ program, gives the Záhony district and thus Hungary a great chance to actively participate in the Sino-European freight transport processes," said Ottó Horváth - CEO, CER Cargo.

At the same time, intermodal transport and its development is a topic for perhaps all the states that lie on the New Silk Road route. Intermodal transport with China means big earnings and jobs. In addition, rail transport is receiving state aid in several countries, in line with the Green Deal.

As such, the development of intermodal transport means much more challenges for Hungary. These include, for example, limits of the line, enough locomotives, wagons, etc. Nevertheless, the development of rail freight transport is also a great topic for the political administration, which is aware of its benefits. Hence, Hungary is discussing several profits for rail freight.