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Tatravagonka delivered new wagons to Interfracht

Tatravagonka delivered new wagons to Interfracht
photo: Interfracht/´s wagons
11 / 02 / 2021

Tatravagonka Poprad produced a new set of light green Tagnpps cars for Interfracht. The cars set off on their first journey in early February.

Tagnpps trucks are designed to transport agricultural products, such as grain. Other bulk materials that are sensitive to moisture can also be transported. Their volume is 101 cubic meters.

The Tagnpps is a four-axle railcar. It has a tilting roof, and the car body contains drain pans with six drain holes. Arched segment flaps in the middle of the rails also help with better emptying of these cars.

This type of wagon can reach a maximum speed of up to 120 km/hour. The maximum loading weight is set at 69 tons.

The construction of the car is designed for operation in S mode. The car can run without restrictions on all European lines with the gauge 1.435mm. The wagon is designed for climatic conditions in the range between - 25 to + 40 degrees Celsius.

The car complies with the regulations of TSI-WAG, TSI NOISE. It has ERRI recommendations and complies with EN standards, valid UIC regulations and the agreement on the use of trucks in international transport - AVV.

The Interfracht's Tagnpps are not the first bright-green painted railcars in everyday operation on European railways. We recently published information on the new lightweight and energy-efficient cars in the GATX fleet, which has similarly highly visible lime-green colors. GATX company has chosen this color for the innovative Tamns and container wagons to emphasize not only the environmental friendliness of these types of wagons but also the fact that all railway transport makes a significant contribution to sustainability and does not pollute the environment like other means of transportation.