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Stadler objects to DSB's multi-unit contract

Stadler objects to DSB's multi-unit contract
photo: Stream
17 / 05 / 2021

Stadler objected to DSB's selection of Alstom for a contract to supply approximately 150 electric units as part of the Future Train rolling stock renewal strategy.

On 12 April, Denmark's flag national carrier announced Alstom as the preferred bidder for the largest contract to date, which is expected to cover and secure the delivery of around 150 Coradia Stream trains and has a potential value of more than 20 billion Danish crowns, including the volume of maintenance deliveries. On 12 May, DSB confirmed that Stadler had lodged a complaint claiming that Alstom's offer did not meet all the conditions. Stadler confirmed that he had lodged an objection, but said that due to the pending proceedings, he was unable to comment further.

DSB expects the Danish State Public Procurement Complaints Board to decide within 30 days whether to suspend the procurement and execution procedure.

"It is not uncommon for a losing party (in selection procedure) of this size to appeal against the decision," said Jürgen Müller, DSB's executive vice president of strategy and rolling stock. "We are known, for example, about two current cases in Austria and Switzerland where Alstom has lodged a complaint against Stadler for awarding contracts.

"I would like to point out that when evaluating the offers, DSB chose an offer that met technical requirements and was also the most economically attractive. In other words, it is an offer where DSB has obtained the highest quality for effective money. "

Müller stated that DSB 'could not have awarded the contract differently on the basis of a tendering procedure. We have carried out a professional and transparent selection procedure and this is also the feedback we have received from the market. I therefore hope that we will resolve the matter as soon as possible so that we can make progress with the purchase. "